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Hola, my name is Camille. Viewpoints are my ultimate weakness, oddities are my thing, street art/murals give me life and I am firm believer that nature is truly one of the best medicines when it comes to curing a stressed soul.

Mural with Camille Explore Washington State

I was raised in the beautiful state of Washington, lucky, I know! Being born on a tiny island of Guam — it is quite the contrast in weather and scenes, if I say so myself. In 2013, I made the decision to move to California.

Being a Bay Area transplant, what started out with seeking out hikes during the weekend and not wanting to waste a weekend not exploring my new home eventually transformed into trying to make the most out of the area I was in, no matter how small the city or how unknown the area was. Every city has hidden gems, it’s just a matter of finding them. You’ll be surprised at what you stumble upon. Now that I am temporarily back in WA state, I’ve been making the most of my time here by jampacking my schedule with oddities & random adventures.

Heart Mural Long Beach Wa, Explore Washington State

My formula to the PERFECT Camille-Adventure!

  1. Pick a city
  2. Do your research: and are my go-tos!
  3. Make an itinerary: Bookmark places in Google Map
  4. Drag someone with you
  5. GO!

Long Beach, WA

New to the game & looking for a road trip where you can knock out multiple oddities in one go? Long Beach, WA is the perfect place! Within minutes from each other, the following oddities can be found in this quaint little town.

Worlds Longest Beach Sign Long Beach Wa , Explore Washington State

World’s Longest Beach Sign (Bolstad St) is a state park, 28 miles in length has been corrected as World’s Longest Continuous Peninsula Beach because technically the World’s Longest Beach is in Brazil but HEY, standing under the arch that says it — makes it somewhat official, right?

Wooden Mermaid Long Beach Wa, Explore Washington State

Wooden Mermaid (1910 Pacific Ave) is 9-foot tall mermaid statue that was carved in the 1980s by local chainsaw artist Fred Bero. She originally placed in a little park next to the Long Beach Tavern but now is located right next to the Mermaid Inn sign.

World’s Largest Chopsticks Long Beach Wa, Explore Washington State

World’s Largest Chopsticks (409 Pacific Ave) are hand painted 30-ft long chopsticks.

World’s Largest Spitting Clam Long Beach Wa, Explore Washington State

World’s Largest Spitting Clam (5th St SE) is just that. Insert 25 cents and it spits water right then & there. If you want to save yourself a quarter, just wait for the free spits on the hour.

World’s Largest Frying Pan Long Beach Wa, Explore Washington State

World’s Largest Frying Pan (Pacific Ave) measures 14-ft long with the handle and 9’ 6” wide. Although it states World’s Largest, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Nonetheless, still an awesome photo-op. It is a Giant Frying Pan after all.

Orca Wooden Carving Long Beach Wa, Explore Washington State

Orca Wooden Carving (Pacific Ave) is located in the same corner as the Giant Spitting Clam and the Giant Frying Pan so I would call this a BONUS.

Oddities and local adventures further solidified my belief that you don’t need to leave the country or the state in order to explore new places. I am always looking for new adventures to go on, no matter the day, time, weather and whoever is with me. Why not do the same?

If you want to keep up with Camille on her adventures, follow her on YouTube.

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  1. Avatar photo Josi Herman on May 24, 2022 at 9:01 pm

    I’m going to Long Beach in a couple weeks and appreciate your guide. I can’t wait to see the worlds largest frying pan!

    • Avatar photo Joseli on November 8, 2022 at 4:26 am

      Amei ver o maior molusco cuspidor do mundo eu também gosto de cuspir YWHW

      • Avatar photo T212 Media on November 8, 2022 at 7:11 pm

        Translation. I love to see the biggest cuspidor mollusk in the world and I also like Cuspidor YWHW

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