The Brothers Greenhouses

You may have heard of The Brothers Greenhouses before. They have been featured on King 5 Evening, Kitsap Sun, Atlas Obsura, Insider Travel and another handful and a half journalistic outlets. But what is it about this seemingly ordinary retail garden center that attracts thousands of patrons from all over the country per year? Can their tomato variety really be that expansive? Nope. 

 It’s their Hobbit House. Built in 2014, this real-life Hobbit House, yes, from the movies, is pretty much fully functional. When you enter through the miniature door you will be surprised to find a burning fireplace. Complete with carved wooden chairs, lamps, books, and more, true Hobbit fans can experience something they’ve only seen in movies.  

The Brothers Greenhouses Hobbit House

 Owners Marilyn Davis and Cheryl Pelkey decided to build this hobbit house and probably haven’t regretted the business it has brought since. Fun fact: It only took them six months to build.

Other Offerings

While to an outsider reading this, you may think this is the only thing this “garden variety garden shop” has to offer, oh no. They sell everything from houseplants to fruit trees, shrubs, baskets, cacti and more. They also provide numerous workshops throughout the year for all ages and skill levels, and put on an intricate Easter Egg Contest.  Their Spring Photography Contest is an annual event taking place each May, and “has produced several published editions.” All leading up to their Tomato Trail + Tasting in September where members of the public are welcomed to come and taste their harvest that includes around 50 varieties of tomatoes. Here is a list of their ongoing activities.  

The Brothers Greenhouses

 So, the next time your mom wants you to help her move a few plants, or buy some top soil, make it a little more interesting for yourself and head over to The Brothers Greenhouses in Port Orchard, open Monday-Sunday. Click here for their hours or here to find out more about them!  

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