Hilary Walesch

dash point sign

Exploring Dash Point State Park

I moved to the greater Seattle area in early September and immediately went out and started exploring everything this state has to offer. I quickly realized just how incredible the…

Kopachuck State Park welcome sign

Visiting Kopachuck State Park

We did it… Roscoe and I survived our first Washington state winter! For those who haven’t read our previous articles, Roscoe, is my partner in adventure, who also happens to…


Spending a Day in Seattle’s Green Lake Neighborhood

One of my favorite aspects of living in the Seattle area is all of the different experiences you are surrounded with.  The Green Lake neighborhood is just north of downtown…

Discovery Park Beach

Exploring Discovery Park in Seattle

Hey there, Explore Washington State reader! Hilary and Roscoe here. It’s another rainy day in Seattle, so in other words, it’s a perfect time to write about one of our…

Northern Pacific Depot Museum

Spending a Day in Snoqualmie, Washington

Just a 30-minute drive from Seattle brings you to a small town full of big adventures. And when you visit the cute town of Snoqualmie, you’ll find that it’s just…

Christmas Trees in Leavenworth

Spending a Weekend in Leavenworth

Looking for your next Washington town to explore? This time of year, there is one place that comes to mind right away – Leavenworth. If you’re anything like me, you love…

Lake Wilderness

Visiting Lake Wilderness Park

Looking for an adventure in the Maple Valley area? Join us as we explore Lake Wildnerness Park. Hello, Explore Washington State readers! Hilary and Roscoe here. Well, technically just Hilary….