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Cloudview Farm

Ephrata, WA

Our trip over the mountains to Ephrata for their 2017 Fall Festival revealed a fascinating experimental farm that has a huge local following.

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2017 Washington State Highlights

All Washington

A compilation of our travels across the entire state of Washington in 2017. Includes aerial drone footage of the ocean, plains, mountains and more!

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Steelhead Cider

Chelan, WA

Coming from a family of orchard farmers dating back to 1960's, Ben Barnes is bringing a blend of Northwest Modern and Traditional Ciders to the central Washington community of Chelan.

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Average Temperature

Thousand Electric Cars

Wind Turbines

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Outside and Stuff - Featured Creator

One of our favorite YouTube channels to binge watch is Outside and Stuff by the dynamic duo Nick and Jen. But this isn't your typical Washington State YouTube vlogger trying to become an internet sensation; these guys are truly fun to watch while being fundamentally down-to-earth. Their excursions have ranged from Patagonia to Australia, but they tend to spend a lot of time in Washington as well. A lot of content on YouTube is... well... vain and egotistical. And this pair of adventurers is refreshingly human, normal and humble. But that doesn't mean that they lack the qualities of being interesting or engaging. On the contrary, watching them explore Washington state is truly inspirational, even to those who don't ordinarily hike. Check out all their videos here.

Backpacking the Enchantments

Snow Lakes - Episode 1