A.J. Howard

Columbia Mountain Loop Trail

Hiking Columbia Mountain Loop Trail

For those who have not spent much time in the mountains of Northeast Washington, I believe, they are missing out. The mountains may not contain the enormous amount of perfectly…

Paterson Lake

Fishing Patterson Lake In Methow Valley

Most Washingtonians have probably heard of the little tourist town called Winthrop, just over the other side of the towering Cascade Mountains. A famous ice cream and candy shop, Sheri’s…

Happy Creek Loop Trail

Hiking Happy Creek Loop Trail

The North Cascades Highway produces some of the best hiking and sights to see in Washington state, hands down. The towering, snow capped mountains, wildlife, rugged terrain and abundance of…

Cordata Park Bellingham

Spending A Day at Cordata Park

If you are anywhere near Bellingham, Washington, up in the Northwest part of Washington near the Canadian border and not too far away from the sea, then you are in…


Exploring Lynden City Park

What kind of park-goer are you? Are you the kind that likes to go by yourself for a nice stroll or brisk walk with a loved one or a friend?…

douglas falls in colville

Hiking Douglas Falls Nature Loop Trail

If you’re looking for a tucked away, easy hike spent in nature amongst thick underbrush, towering trees, a flowing creek and a big waterfall — then the Douglas Falls Nature…

Little Twin Lakes near Colville

A Weekend At Little Twin Lakes

Tucked up in the Northeastern part of the state, roughly 18 miles east of Colville is a little set of lakes accompanied by a campground that gives the potential for…

Coulee City Community Park playground

A Big Treasure In Coulee City

Crunch, crunch, crunch, swoosh crrr… run, jump, slip and slide down the twisty, turny, steep green slide — hoping not to shoot off the edge. And back around to the…

morel mushroom hunting in Washington state

Morel Mushroom Hunting

As spring approaches, the ground begins to warm up and the plants begin to grow — a tasty treat emerges from beneath. Many of you may already know of this…

Clam digging in Washington state

Clam Digging Adventures In Washington

One thing unique to Washington and other ocean neighboring states is the abundance of food that doesn’t come processed or from a factory. Washington, in particular, is special in that…

Cutthroat Lake in Washington

Rainy And Cutthroat Lake: Exploring Two Accessible Trails Near The Cascades Highway

Do you like towering mountain peaks? Tight valleys and a road that zigs and zags back and forth? A drive not like many others? Do you love encountering breathtaking views?…

Scavenger Hunt Sunset

Get Off-Screen and Outdoors With a Scavenger Hunt

For those who read the recent article about escaping COVID screen time and getting outdoors, you saw a list of six or so activities to do in Washington’s great outdoors….