Unveiling the Magic at White Branches: A Wonderland-inspired Experience”

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Join us as we talk with a fascinating entrepreneur who shares their journey of opening a business in a magical, transformed space. We hear about their love of life experiences and how they switched from being busy to delegating more tasks to their team. We also learn about the inspiration behind their unique company logo and how they incorporate the White Rabbit and the connection to Wonderland into their business philosophy.


Matthew WhiteMatthew White talks about the challenges of marketing the experience he offers and the importance of communication, art, and shared experiences.


We hear about White Branches events, such as a Villain Queens Cabaret, fairy tale productions with tea service, and dance classes, and how they embrace the local arts community. With a sense of community and purpose at its core, their tea room is more than just a place to have some tea, it's a magical experience where guests can connect with each other and share unforgettable moments.


Matthew White started out as a merchandise director for Teatro ZinZanni. In 2015, he took over Brainstorming, his business for events and weddings. He grew the business and even partnered with Tiara Zenzani, launching the Fifth Avenue Theater and opening a Chicago location. However, he wanted a headquarters for all the retail locations and to get back into the event side.


A friend introduced him to Bill Constantine at the old town granary in Mount Vernon, and he took over the entire second floor with his retail and event businesses. He even inherited a tea room that was moving to Burlington. They opened in October-December and had some unexpected surprises in the old building but were ready to bring on the madness.

Matthew tells us all about this beautiful space, how he transformed it from an old dinner theater with no stage to a theatrical production venue where guests walk through the stage to get to their seats.

We learn about the Cabaret room, a fanciful circus-like space where guests can experience different nighttime ambiances.

We also dive into the inspiration behind the theater's logo, which features a white rabbit Jackalope with antlers as branches. David shares how the logo's connection to Wonderland helps guide his decision-making, and we get to hear about some unforgettable events that have taken place within the venue's walls.

But more than just a discussion about events and magic, this episode truly showcases Matthew's heart for community. Through his work at the White Branches, Matthew wants to empower people to connect and communicate through shared experiences.

We talk about the importance of laughter and art, especially during these difficult times.

So pour yourself a cup of tea and join us as we journey through the wonderland that is the White Branches Tea House, with the exceptional Matthew White leading the way.

We recently visited White Branches and you can read more about this amazing venue here.

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