Welcome to the Exploring Washington State Podcast. Four times a week we publish episodes about Washington State.

Our host Scott Cowan has casual conversations with interesting people who are from Washington State or who are doing noteworthy things in Washington State.  The Exploring Washington State Podcast is never scripted and only lightly edited.  Authentic conversations, genuine people, and always local.

On Monday we chat with musicians, performers, venue owners, producers, promoters, anyone connected to the vibrant music industry in Washington State.

Wednesdays we share conversations with business owners, executives, and others who are running interesting businesses in Washington. We also speak with people who are doing creative and amazing things across the state.

Thursdays we speak with athletes, team owners, organizers, and more about sports and sporting activities.

Friday we talk food and drink. Local chefs, brewers, distillers, coffee roasters, cider makers, wineries etc.

Each week you can hear more about Washington State just by listening in. Welcome to the Exploring Washington State Podcast.


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Bradley Lockhart Mic in Hand

Bradley Lockhart: Bellingham Flag Designer

Bradley Lockart a designer, musician, and professor at WWU. He is the designer of the Bellingham City Flag.

Nancy Pearl Headshot Exploring Washington State Podcast

Nancy Pearl: Seattle’s Most Famous Librarian

Renowned librarian and author Nancy Pearl is our guest. The 2011 Librarian of the Year by Library Journal. And library superhero. If you are a reader you have heard of Nancy Pearl. Find out more about Nancy by listening to this episode.

Park Ranger John Tillison

Park Ranger John Tillison

Park Ranger John is our guest for this episode. John Tillison a former Washington State Park Ranger has a website that celebrates National Parks across the United States

Nancy Croisier Headshot

Washington Wines with Nancy Croisier

Show Notes Transcript Show Notes Washington Wines with Nancy Croisier Nancy Croisier is a wine writer and marketer from Washington State, turning consumers onto the exceptional wines of Washington and…

Sasquatch and Serial Killers in Washington State

Sasquatch & Serial Killers in Washington State.

Sasquatch & Serial killers in Washington State. Bob Antone returns to share stories about the origin of Sasquatch and how serial killers and Sasquatch may be connected.

Daniel Winkler holding mushroom in forest

Daniel Winkler Mushroaming Through Washington State.

Daniel Winkler of Mushroaming talking foraging, mushrooms, cooking with mushrooms, music and his new book Fruits of the Forest. A fun conversation that covers a lot of ground.

Amy Cross fridge showing produce

The Strawberry Lady: Amy Cross on Longer-Lasting Produce & No Food Waste.

Amy Cross a born and raised Washingtonian, known as the Strawberry Lady for her viral strawberries in a jar. She is an expert on produce, how to save money on groceries & reduce food waste.

Bob Antone Playing Violin Black and White photo

Bob Antone: Timberbeast Town a Life in the Snoqualmie Valley.

Bob Antone: Talking music, history, life, Bigfoot, Coffee, and more! Scott talks with Washington native Bob Antone, musician and storyteller. Bob talks about his history

Matt Jorgensen Headshot

Matt Jorgensen

Matt Jorgensen joins Scott for an episode discussing topics ranging through his long career as a drummer and composer. From local high school student

Rainier Beer Movie

Rainier Beer Movie

Rainier Beer The Movie. Tacoma’s Peterson Brothers and directory Isaac Olson are working on an amazing project. Bringing the iconic Rainier Beer ads of the 70’s and 80’s to the silver screen.

Brooks Smothers Headshot

Brooks Smothers

Brooks Smothers, host of RV Out West Scott talks with Brooks Smothers, host of the RV Out West podcast which discusses RV travel in Washington

Brad Holden Author of Seattle History

Brad Holden

Brad Holden. Author of Seattle area history. Talking Bootlegging, Rumrunning, Prohibition, Roadhouses, and LSD.