Episode 35: Mindy Sonshine of Orcas Island Leather Goods.

Show Notes

Welcome to Exploring Washington State Episode 35. Our conversation today is with Mindy Sonshine.

Based On Orcas Island in the beautiful San Juan Islands. Mindy and her husband moved their family to Orcas Island based on a family summer camp.  This was a French speaking  summer camp. (really? wow......) See link below.

Mindy is a lot of fun and this was a very enjoyable episode  where we chat about how they started Orcas Island Leathers and how the business has grown during COVID-19. They are finding that people really are enjoying the idea of a DIY leather kit that they can work on and have a final product that they are proud to show to others.

We talk about plans to continue expanding the product lines.  Mindy is very enthusiastic about both Orcas Island and her family business.

We talk about life on Orcas and the amount of opportunities to learn about a wide range activities.  She shares her kids activities and they sound amazing.

Listen in and learn more about Orcas Island and island life.

Some of the Places Mentioned in this Episode

Orcas Island Leather Goods

Canoe Island French Camp

Orcas Hotel

Voyager Sandwich and Seafood

Wild Island

Darvill's Bookstore and Coffee


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