A Detour to Westport

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A Detour to Westport signs

A funny thing happened on our way to the Hama Hama Oyster Rama. It’s a long story, in fact, it’s 2 hours 35 minutes long to be exact.

Hubby and I have been looking forward to a relaxing drive from Astoria to Liliwaup, Washington, for the Oyster Rama all week – just the two of us, no Sammy to fret over, complete us time. The sun was playing peekaboo throughout the drive bathing the trees and our faces with the promise of great weather for things to come at the festivities.

During the drive, we rarely saw another car on the road, and I became antsy seeing one unfamiliar town after another. I insisted that we put on Google map, but hubby said not to worry, he’s got this! Finally, I checked and asked hubby where the heck we were at because Google indicated we were 2 hours and 35 minutes from Hama Hama! He calmly said, “We’re in Queets.”  WTQ?!

A Detour to Westport marina
A Detour to Westport crab pots
A Detour to Westport Queets sign

What the Queets?!  I’ve never heard of this town, and its name was never mentioned as a town that we should be passing, Olympia, Shelton, but not Queets! We quickly made a U-turn, still hoping to make it with sufficient time to enjoy the event and yes, those delicious oysters! But those briny bites were not in the cards. We shucked the rama fest and decided to make a spontaneous adventure and detoured it to Westport, Washington.

A Detour to Westport building
A Detour to Westport boardwalk
A Detour to Westport Lodge

Westport is a working fishing town with shellfish harvesting, seafood processing plants and tourism – very similar to Astoria and Ilwaco. The town also caught the interest of  bold entrepreneurs/outdoors enthusiasts who are redefining the hospitality space and vacationing norms with their hip hotel/motel adventuring concept.

Loge designed by the talented Paula Anast Round2.

A Detour to Westport Sands Cafe

Loge at the Sands is a standout in a town that has plenty of pedestrian motels and hotels.  Loge is changing the concept of what is home. It’s no longer just where, but also how you lay your head to accommodate your vibe. Whether you’re into surfing, glamping, pampering, gathering, music, or whatever is YOUR thing, Loge has it!

The hotel was designed by Paula Anast from Round2. She helped the owners bring to life the eco surfer cool meets urban chic blending seamlessly to create a unique Pacific Northwest aloha vibe. Full disclosure, she’s designed some amazing things for our condo too, but that’s another blog for another day!

A Detour to Westport gathering space

Loge creating a community gathering space with their campgrounds, music stage and a place for everyone, including pets to hangout.

Loge is a surfer and water-lover paradise. They have surfboards, standup and kayak rentals complete with a wetsuit drying room.  Now, that’s an amenity that deserves its own hashtag! We also met some of the people who operate and take care of this hotel, and I’ve got to admit, they are awesome too!

A Detour to Westport Live Aloha

By this time, we were ravenous and headed towards the marina for dinner. Wouldn’t you know it, we ended up at a local eatery, Aloha Alabama BBQ & Bakery. Of course, I had to try to poke rice bowl, and as I settled in to enjoy it, I heard Brother Iz’s version of “Somewhere over the rainbow,” and for a moment I was perfectly contented getting lost and finding a place that was full of reminders of what once was home. #lostnotlost.

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Live Aloha, Y’all!

Live A Wanderful Life

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