Washington Cryptids

Learn about Washington’s Cryptids, where you’ll find them, and what legends these mystical creatures come along with.


Visiting Tacoma’s Brewery District

With spring rapidly approaching and sunny weekends right around the corner, my mind is already trending towards brighter days. Those days that make living in Washington State so worth the…

Aerial view of Tacoma waterfront

Dive, Bars, and Drinks: Tacoma’s Top 5 Dive Bars

Living in Tacoma for most of my life, I have found the restaurant/city life to be particularly exciting. Want lobster? No problem. Looking to try an elk slider? Yes, we’ve…

Tacoma sculpture by Elk's Temple in Tacoma, Washington

Tacoma In Two Days: An Ambitious Itinerary

Updated February 2024 Tacoma’s reputation precedes itself. For all the negativity that has clouded perceptions of Tacoma, the narrative has drastically changed over the past decade. There’s been a collective…

Aerial view of Tacoma waterfront

Spending a Weekend in Tacoma

Located 33 miles south of Seattle, Tacoma is a dynamic waterfront city whose art museums, outdoor recreation and brewery scene have turned it into a thriving Washington destination. In 2019…


Visiting Tacoma’s Point Ruston Way

Point Ruston and the surrounding waterfront have come a long way from a place of mills, boatyards, warehouses and an infamous copper smelting plant. As a child I’d beg my…

Proctor district view

Visiting Tacoma’s Proctor District

As the 20th century approached in the city of Tacoma, Washington, industry, and more importantly, money, began flowing into the city. With much of the downtown land being dominated by…

Mt Rainier Washington

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Having lived abroad in Europe for the last six years, I’ve lost track of how many times someone has asked me where I’m originally from. Being born in Washington, and…

Dash Point Park and Pier View of Puget Sound

Dash Point Park and Pier – Tacoma, WA

One of our favorite little spots to frequent in the south sound is the Dash Point Park and Pier in NE Tacoma. This cute condensed beach and pier is sometimes…

LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma

LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma

The LeMay Car Museum in Tacoma is one of the coolest places in Washington to see historic cars. If you love history, cars, or both, this museum is a great…

Browns Point WA

Browns Point Lighthouse Beach

Children crying because it’s too hot outside? Dad wants to take the motorcycle for a spin? Mom just wants to read her book in the shade? Then grab your arm…

Point Defiance Park in Tacoma Washington

Point Defiance Park

Point Defiance Park in nestled at the end of the scenic Ruston Way Waterwalk in the north end of Tacoma, and is home to three of the city’s most popular…