The Fall City Wallaby Ranch

The Fall City Wallaby Ranch is a one-of-a-kind experience within Washington state. The ten acre privately owned ranch is located in the Snoqualmie Valley and cares for numerous Wallaby’s and Kangaroos. And yes, they are USDA Licensed and Inspected.  


Providing educational tours, private educational programs, adoption options, and more- this ranch is truly dedicated to taking care of their hopping-friends. This isn’t an easy feat either, as wallabies require adequate outdoor space to play, rest, and either enjoy the sunny seasons or stay warm in the winter months.  

 At the ranch, there are over twenty kangaroos & wallabies- including albino wallabies for your viewing and interaction pleasure. If you want to visit with this adorable little guys, a group tour might be in order! Their group tours are available only by advanced reservation though, and are with a minimum of five persons costing $15.00 per head. Small groups, or their “Family” program is for groups of five or less, for around $75.00, children under two years are no charge.

 When you’re enjoying a group tour, you will learn everything about “macropods” aka kangaroos and wallabies. From birth to maturity, and everything in between. If you’re interested in seeing the baby Joeys, spring time is your best bet. The tour will last around an hour and a half.  

 Fun Fact: did you know that the Fall City Wallaby Ranch “often transfers the care of their babies to an Adoptive Parent for the purpose of providing personal, emotional and/or therapeutic accompaniment.”  

 If you happen to fall in love with a macropod when visiting, the Ranch is always looking for adoptive parents for their infant Wallabies. Here is where you can find more information about qualifying, caring, and feeding your newest family member.

MacKenzie Passegger

MacKenzie Passegger is the face behind our various social media accounts, and also routinely writes articles on our blogs (that you’re hopefully enjoying). She's a Washington state native who found herself settling in Austria after bouncing around Europe. When her toddler isn’t keeping her on her toes, she enjoys cooking, craft beer & traveling back home. Being away from Washington allows her to have a different perspective and has deepened her love for the Evergreen State.

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