Deep Sea Fishing In Westport

Deep sea fishing is by definition any kind of fishing done in water about 100 feet deep on a boat, that isn’t easily visible from shore. This makes Westport, Washington a hotspot destination for deep sea fishing hobbyists in the Pacific Northwest.


Charting a boat in Westport is pretty easy and visitors have several companies to choose from, each with over 4.5 star reviews.


The Companies

Deep Sea Charters Inc has 66 years of experience in Westport and offers a military discount. When you book with them you can choose from bottom fishing, salmon fishing, halibut or a combination of these.  Options for rockfish, crab and tuna fishing are also available. For more information, click here for their exact prices and available boats.


Westport Charters is where you’ll go fishing for rockfish, ling cod, salmon, albacore tuna, halibut and, of course, a combination trip! They have nine different boats that your tour of up to 100 miles off shore to could take place on. The gear is included in the price, and for more FAQ, click here!


Tommy Cod Charters has over 20 years of saltwater experience and enclosed heated cabins on their boats. They will also clean and bag your fish for you! All bookings are through Deep Sea Charters.


Other Maritime Fun

And while Westport may have the largest deep-sea fishing charter “this side of San Francisco,” there is more water fun to be had there. From razor clam digging, whale watching, surf fishing, and even a fishing derby, Westport is the place to be when it comes to maritime fun. If you’re interested in finding out more about this ocean side town, visit their tourism website.

Whenever you’re fishing, make sure you’ve got your fishing license and that you know the catch limit!

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