Gift Guide 2020: Shop Mack Provisions

We are kicking off the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide with: Mack Provisions! 

Mack Provisions, based in Port Angeles is any Baseball fan’s dream come true. Owner and artist, KC Mack re-purposes old, vintage or memento Baseball gloves and turns them into a variety of items. He is most well known for his wallet creations. 

Mack Provisions gift guide

Learning His Craft

While KC’s love for Baseball and memorabilia began when he was about 12 years old, his business first kicked off about six years ago in 2014. Fascinated by the process of how gloves were created, he took it a step further when he read an article about how to make a wallet in “The Art of Manliness.” Taking his vast knowledge of how mitts were made, he combined the two worlds — teaching himself along the way with the help of online videos and tutorials. 

KC sources gloves from all over the world thanks to help from professional junkers, who know exactly what he is looking for. He likes to stick with gloves that were manufactured in the late 1930s up until the late ‘60s. His reason being? Anything before then is too collectible, and with anything newer, you start to see a decline in the quality of the leather. 

Passion Projects

Some of his favorite projects to work on are the personal gloves that get sent in. Mementos of a father or grandfather’s glove that hold memories of earlier times can be made into a wallet, keychain or card holder, among other things. These are passion projects — things that can be used every day, hopeful reminders. 

The Maker’s Process

The process begins by gutting the mitt. He removes all of the lace and wool felt padding, and then gets to work using his clicker press. This helps him cut the shape of whatever item he is making out of the glove, in a time efficient manner. He then proceeds to hand-stitch each item until completion. 

Mack Provisions baseball card holder featuring Rawlings

Learn More

While I could go on writing for hours about how beautiful his repurposed leather items are, I highly encourage you to take a look at his website, or head over to his Instagram page to watch some beautiful videography of his work.  

If you’ve got a Baseball lover who you’re shopping for this holiday season, don’t miss out on Mack Provisions. 

To find out more about KC Mack, his process and his love of Baseball, make sure to listen to our podcast episode with him!

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