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This guest post was written by Camille, an adventurer who looks for the oddities in whatever city she’s in. Always smiling, she can be found here:  YouTube and Instagram

Being born on Guam, I traded fine-grained sand for rocky-pebble beaches.

Living on an island has its perks warm weather, awesome beaches, and just island-living in general but being on the Mainland was the ultimate dream as an island girl. Yes, we referred to the US as the Mainland. “In the Mainland, they have candy bars the size of you face!” “Did you know on the Mainland, they have bigger Toys R Us?!” — I never had an actual state in mind when it came to which exact state I wanted to live but it was my family plan was to reside in CA.

How did we end up in WA?

Well, my family and I did a road trip from Nevada to California then to Canada, and we decided to stop by Washington just to visit my dad’s family. And once my parents saw how beautiful Washington was, it was set — that was going to be home, and man oh man, did we luck out on picking such an amazing state. Man oh man.

It’s hard to put into words exactly why WA would be an awesome place to live in so here goes one of them “Top 5” lists of sorts.

The List

  1. The trees are always green, they don’t call it the Evergreen State for nothing. It makes for the freshest, crispest morning air you would ever breath in.
  2. The constant 360 degree views of mountains. No matter how many times I lay my heart eyes on these peaks, I never run out of “OMG, the mountains.” or “Man, look at the mountains!”
  3. The people are so flipping nice. Like super polite and very helpful. FYI; pretty much everyone waves when you give them way when driving – unheard of in some states.
  4. We have seasons. Washington summers are out of this world sometimes. We do have some horrid winters but at the end of the day — if you can look past some of the colder months & hang on for summer — you will learn to cherish the sun and not take it for granted.
  5. There’s so much to do. I’ve done my fair-share of exploring, but I have yet to scratch the surface on seeing everything WA has to offer.

So Camille, you love WA so much, if you were to narrow it down to three of your favorite things to check out, what would it be?

  1. Snoqualmie Falls in Fall City, WA is a little over an hour away from the hustle and bustle of Seattle. These falls are beautiful all year round, but if you can go, go after a long rain fall, the falls will seriously come alive with an undeniable roar. There are hiking trails that lead near the bottom of the falls for you fellow outdoorsy people. Not the hiking type? Don’t fret! There are also an easy walkways to see the view of the falls from above.
Snoqualmie Falls in Fall City, WA

2. The Troll under the Aurora Bridge, have you seen it? No? Well, make you way to Fremont and check it out. It’s an art installation that was put under the Aurora bridge to increase foot traffic and deter any bad activities from happening. It’s a giant troll that has an actual VW beetle in its hand. You have to time it right, I’ve been here multiple times, and it’s really a gamble as to how crowded it’s going to be. Sometimes there’s  no one there so you can have some alone time with the Troll for an awesome photo-op. There were some visits where getting a picture without someone photobombing it was close to impossible. This is a two-for too! If you make your way down the bridge, there is a slab of the Berlin Wall that’s displayed.

Troll under the Aurora Bridge seattle washington

3. If you are a Sunset-buff like myself (it’s kind of an obsession, really), then Golden Gardens needs to added to your list of places to check out. I’ve chased the sunset to this place a many, many times and it has never disappointed. Parking during the summer nights might be somewhat of a hassle but it’s TOTALLY WORTH IT. Believe me.

sunset at Golden Gardens Park seattle wa

All in all, I have more favorites from this GORGEOUS state. These are my top three as of right now. As I explore more and more, it tends to change. 🙂

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