Visiting Carpinito Brothers Farm in Kent

If you’re looking for a place to buy retail and wholesale landscape and garden products, pumpkins and fresh farm produce, look no further than Carpinito Brothers Farm in Kent, WA.

Carpinito Brothers Farm History

Over 50 years ago, two brothers from Kent, Washington were growing and selling produce they harvested on their own family farm. After a few years, they began selling local produce from other Puget sound farmers, thus expanding their business for the first time. After 10 years, they expanded. This time they got into the garden and nursery business opening up to selling landscaping supplies and materials in bulk. They later added the wholesale produce section.

Carpininto Brothers

The Selection

Today the store stands where the Carpinito brothers had their first farm, and is being run by them and their sons. This has become one of Kent’s most popular produce markets from the months of June to December. During these summer, fall and winter months, you can expect to find everything from locally grown Rainier cherries, beets, carving pumpkins, Marion berries, kiwis and much more. All of the produce that this once small shop, boasts is from Washington state. More specifically it’s from their 700-acre farm in the Green River Valley or other farmers in the area.

Seasonal Offerings

They aren’t just a produce shop though. In the fall they open up a corn maze that is an ideal outing for any family and a pumpkin patch, making sure everyone goes home happy with their new decoration.

Once December rolls around, and the produce isn’t being harvested, the freshly cut and Washington grown Christmas trees take over the shop. Flocked, not flocked, you can find your next great holiday center piece.

If this sounds like the kind of place you want to be, make sure to check out their website for more exact opening times, produce arrival dates and information on their holiday activities. This truly is, a local gem.


Photos by: Carpinito Brothers

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