Tips for Your Trip to Tulip Town

Place yourself at the entrance of Trader Joe’s where all the florals are. Pops of yellow, pink, red, and orange awaken your senses. This time of the year there is an abundance of daffodils and tulips at your fingertips. And what’s better than bringing home fresh flowers and arranging them in your favorite vase to admire each day? 


Answer: Going to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival near Mount Vernon and experiencing the sight of millions of tulips and daffodils still rooted and thriving in their ideal environment. 


The Skagit Valley Tulip Festival is the largest festival in the United States by acreage of tulips, number of farms, and days of blooms. Every year in April more than 1 million visitors come to visit over 300 acres of brightly colored tulips that burst into bloom. This festival features four farms: RoozenGaarde, Tulip Town, Tulip Valley Farms, and Garden Rosalyn.

Tulip Town Tour

We chose to visit Tulip Town, which is celebrating 40 years of bloom. There are a few things that set Tulip Town apart from the rest of the farms. One thing is their twice daily live Facebook videos showing what the fields look like every morning and evening. This helps visitors decide when it’s worth making the drive (no matter what, it’s definitely worth it). You can watch here


But more importantly for us, Tulip Town is dog friendly, and our pup, Cali, did not want to miss out on this unique adventure. Throughout the day, she was able to meet so many other dogs enjoying the grounds. Just make sure to keep your furry friend on a leash!

Tulip Town Sign
endless roows of red tulips

Road Trip and Arrival

Like many other attractions and landscapes that line the western side of our beautiful Washington state, this tulip festival is an accessible drive from Seattle — just over an hour. You’ll drive through Everett, Marysville, and land in Mount Vernon, which features expansive valleys of farmland that are surrounded by mountains. On a clear day, you’ll be able to appreciate Mount Baker’s presence from afar, as well as the entire North Cascades mountain range.


Through the twists and turns on the way to Tulip Town, you’ll pass some daffodil fields, which are just as mesmerizing as the tulips.


Parking is easy to navigate and there are plenty of spaces. Then make your way to the entrance where you can pay for tickets on the spot, or scan tickets you reserved online (I bought mine online, but this isn’t necessary).

rows of yellow tulips

Roam the Field and Beyond

Tulip Town truly has something for everyone. If you’re there for the tulips, you can walk up and down the rows to admire the over 55 tulip varieties in vibrant colors, or ride the trolley as it treks around the fields. If you’re there for the photography opportunities, you can take pictures at the different stations, the outdoor garden and indoor mural displays, or snap a classic selfie with the flowers.


If you’re there for the food, you can enjoy delicious food, tasty treats, and specialty espresso drinks from the Skagit Landing Cafe. You can also sip on local Skagit beer, wine, and cider at the Tulip Town Beer and Wine Garden.


If you’re there for the shopping, cement your trip with a souvenir from the boutique featuring artisan wares, goods, and gifts from Skagit Acres. Or better yet, take Tulip Town home with you and buy potted tulips or bouquets from the flower stand. This is the perfect place to buy something special for a mom figure in your life for Mother’s Day!

dog enjoying tulip town
beer in the beer and wine garden
pink tulips
windmill at tulip town

Tulip Town is a must-visit to make precious memories, bask in the beauty, and sip, snack, and shop. The exciting news is that they officially announced that they’re extending their season until May 7th and possibly beyond as long as they have color in the field! Mother Nature will ultimately dictate how long Tulip Town will stay open this season, but get there as soon as you can!

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