Take A Mystery Picnic In Washington State

Mystery Picnic. 

Those two words were just too intriguing. The marketing worked and I stopped scrolling!

AmazingCo.me/us is a website full of pre-prepared adventures for you and your partner, family, or friends to experience! I decided to book the Leavenworth “Mystery Picnic with Friends” and I (easily) convinced both my good friend and my mom to go with me on this totally new to us adventure! 

I picked a date on AmazingCo’s calendar and booked online. Super easy. There is a minimum of two adults for $90 and each additional person is $45. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options are included for no extra charge! I quickly got an email apology stating that that there was an error in their calendar and that our picnic was actually not available on the date I chose. When they had me call to fix their error, a team member answered quickly and they were super helpful and friendly while getting our new date reserved.

Leavenworth mystery picnic

I started out early from Seattle and picked up my travel buddies as we headed over Highway 2 toward Leavenworth. We stopped at the Nason Creek Rest Stop and our adventure started earlier than expected! We met a super friendly Austin Healey Car Club and they allowed us to sit in the cars, pose for endless photos, and answered all our questions. Had we not signed up for AmazingCo’s adventure, we would have never experienced this! After we got our fill of feeling like Hollywood celebrities, we needed to know where to start our Mystery Picnic so I pulled out my phone and we accessed our first puzzle! Of course, I will not divulge the puzzles nor the answers, but know they are definitely fun for sure! 

Once we got the answer, we put the location into our phone and drove to that spot to find parking (Not a problem on an early morning on a Thursday, in Leavenworth). AmazingCo had recommended bringing a small cooler bag to carry with ice packs to keep our mystery foods cold. Great call. 

Off we went to our first location and we picked up our first food item! In the bag it went! Hitting next on the phone moved us on to the next puzzle. We stood on the sidewalk and talked through the new puzzle. I am sure anyone who overheard us talking in hushed tones and half sentences might have been a little concerned that we were overheated and needed water, but we got it! There ARE hints available, and if you are STILL stuck, the answer is on the next screen. We mapped the second location and headed down the street.

drinks in Leavenworth on the mystery picnic
desserts in Leavenworth

Stopping to shop and browse as you go along is a wonderful way to extend the day and AdventureCo even gives a couple of ideas of other businesses to check out around each mystery location. This is a perfect way to explore new places you might have never been. There is always wine tasting, but have you ever been to an oil and vinegar tasting? Check out The Oil and Vinegar Cellar and prepare for culinary amazingness! For the geeks in your group, head to the Krampus Kave to wonder and maybe find a new board game to take home. For the artisan in you, be sure to go to the fair trade and non-profit Jubilee. Support an amazing cause and take something unique and beautiful back home or buy a gift for a loved one. If you are on a date, I highly recommend heading over to A Book for All Seasons to browse and maybe pick up a book of poetry to read aloud to your love during your picnic. Swoon…

Dessert in Leavenworth
desserts in Leavenworth

We had two more mystery food locations to solve for and then the last location was their recommendation for enjoying the bounty we just collected. Even though they recommended a fabulous location we chose to enjoy our picnic and our afternoon together right in Leavenworth’s Front Street Park downtown. I ran back to the car to get our blanket, tablecloth, plates, knives, cheese board, and my own choice of wine that I brought from one of my favorite winemakers from Marrowstone Vineyards in Nordland, WA. (AmazingCo also has an option for adding wine to your adventure for $35.) It ended up we needed a second bottle (Don’t you always?), so my friend ran across the street to one of the wineries and bought another chilled bottle…heaven… You can always add a stop and visit Schocolat. Pick out one piece, if you have that kind of self-control, or buy an entire box. Enjoy these traditional Belgian style truffles and bon-bons. They will compliment your picnic and just might be pure perfection. 

We truly enjoyed our amazing mystery foods and the amounts were all extremely generous. 

Based on our experience, I have two recommendations. The first would be to bring some fruit with you as I think that would have rounded out our nosh perfectly. The next is simply to take your time. Don’t push straight through. It would be over too quickly. Part of the adventure is what you bring to it, so be sure to enjoy the other business recommendations or find your own as you are strolling about. 

Some things that I LOVED about this adventure included the easiness of it all. You pay when you reserve and that is it. We also got to meet some awesome workers at the different mystery locations. They made us smile! The last thing I loved was that I went into SIX new businesses in Leavenworth that I have never been to before, either through the mystery locations or stores we found as we were strolling. 

AmazingCo has other experiences like whole Weekend Mysteries, Murder Mysteries, at home activities like Game Nights and Foodie Fun Nights! They are adding some new adventures that I really want to try, like a Secret Menu Taster or a Drink Discovery Walk, some right in my own neighborhood! They are working diligently to add new locations and events!

AmazingCo opportunities are all over the United States and even in Australia and the United Kingdom! What a fabulous way to get intimate with a new location you are moving to or just visiting! 

Give this a try! I am not sure an adventure could be any easier!

Meat and cheese in Leavenworth on the mystery picnic
Mystery picnic in Ellensburg

Lisa Mize

Lisa Mize, photographer, is a born and raised Washingtonian. While living on Puget Sound on her boat, M/V Our Dance, she also seeks out places to go backpacking, kayaking, biking or anything outdoors. Lisa is always up for a new, worldwide adventure accompanied by her husband and endearing partner! Socials: www.lisamizephotography.com IG: @lisamizelandscapephotography FB: Lisa Mize Photography


  1. Jeannie Bond on July 16, 2021 at 11:25 am

    It was a perfect experience from start to finish. That’s a great article and great pictures, Lisa. I enjoyed living it again through your descriptions.

    • Lisa Mize on July 22, 2021 at 6:29 am

      I’m so glad you adventure with me!!! Thank you for helping making it a great day!

  2. Kimberly on August 14, 2021 at 10:37 pm

    90$ for some cheese bread and crackers dry meats? Damn im in the wrong business. I was thinking a real meal not a snack.

    • Lisa M Mize on August 18, 2021 at 2:54 pm

      Hi, Kimberly! The photos only show about half of the food we received for three people. The meats and cheeses were absolutely amazing and types I might not normally purchase. I do thinking bringing some fruit along would round out this lovely picnic. We didn’t even come close to eating all of the food. Along with the whole experience, we felt it was worth it. Hope you give it or one of their other mystery activities a try!

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