Who are they?

Rose Freeman and Anastasia Allison are a unique pair of classically trained musicians based in Washington state. If you haven’t heard of them before, a short summary: they climb mountains with a violin and keyboard strapped to their backs & play their music in the open nature.  

 But what they really do is much more beautiful and complicated. Rose and Anastasia are passionate dreamers constantly pushing themselves to wake up at 3AM in the morning to summit a mountain and play some of their favorite pieces, such as “Amazing Grace,” because it’s what fills their souls.  

 Meeting under what Anastasia calls “serendipitous circumstances” they have been working together for almost two years now. Going from Park Ranger to Police Officer to Musical Mountaineer- Anastasia has a story you won’t forget. Read more about that here.

Videos of their performances span places like Gold Creek Pond, various locations in the North Cascades, and on top of Mount Shuksan – so watching them perform never gets old.

“We are both very normal, down-to-earth, regular people. If we can carry a violin and a piano into the mountains and become The Musical Mountaineers, then truly anybody in the world is capable of absolutely anything that they can imagine. The Musical Mountaineers is built around the idea that we can each bring our own “music” into the world – even if you don’t play an instrument. What lights you up inside? What are you passionate about? What are the ideas that you have kept hidden in your heart? Dream big and bring more good into this world!”

They are our February Featured Creators, as well, so you can guess that we really love what these two women are doing!

 Grab a cup of coffee and listen to our interviewwith the interpid pair below. Find out what keeps Rose and Anastasia motivated and moving. Find out how Rose manages to carry her forty-pound pack up the mountains, and how Anastasia keeps her fingers nimble despite the cold.  

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