Brent David Atkinson

Jolly Mountain views

Hiking and Exploring Jolly Mountain

As I write this from the north Pasco countryside, early on a Friday afternoon, I look out the window of my study toward Badger Mountain, the Horse Heaven Hills and…

Cave entrances

Exploring Lake Lenore Caves

When you think of ancient caves, you may think you need to travel halfway across the country, or the world, to take this type of a step back in time….

Fort Spokane ruined foundations

Spending a Day at Fort Spokane

Many Pacific Northwesterners are unaware of the fascinating history of the state of Washington, particularly on the far-less-populated eastern side of the state. From the production of plutonium during World…

Juniper dunes

Exploring the Juniper Dunes Wilderness Area

After arriving at the trailhead for the Juniper Dunes Wilderness Area, I stepped down from the running board of my pickup, the dust settled, and as I surveyed the barren,…


Exploring The Palouse

When people not from the area think of the Palouse, oftentimes two things come to mind: Washington State Cougar football and golden wheat fields. And while it’s true, we do…