Mount Rainier’s Timed Entry: What You Need to Know for 2024

Mount Rainier’s Timed Entry: What You Need to Know for 2024

Are you planning a trip to Mount Rainier in 2024? If so, there's an important update you need to know about: the timed entry system!

This new approach is all set to make your visit smoother and the park's natural beauty more accessible.

So, let’s dive into what this means for your upcoming adventure and how you can make the most of your visit to this majestic park.

Mount Rainier and Wildflowers

Why Timed Entry?

Well, it's all about enhancing the visitor experience and preserving the park's natural splendor. Over the last decade, Mount Rainier National Park has seen a staggering 40% increase in visitors, leading to excessive summer crowding and ecological damage.

To combat this, the park is introducing a pilot timed entry system in 2024. This initiative aims to significantly reduce wait times, ease congestion, and protect the park's trails and fragile ecosystems from the impacts of overuse.

As one of the most beloved national parks, Mount Rainier National Park is committed to improving the experience for all visitors. The timed entry system, introduced for summer 2024, aims to manage this surge in a way that ensures everyone has a memorable and comfortable visit.

Think of it as your golden ticket to enjoying the park without the hassle of overcrowding.

Mount Rainier Entrance Gate in Ashford

 When are Timed Entry Passes Required?

Beginning May 24, 2024 and running through September 2, 2024 visitors using the Paradise Corridor from the Nisqually Entrance on State Route 706 between the hours of 7am. and 3pm. will be required to have a timed entry pass. 

Additionally visitors using the Paradise Corridor from the State Route 123 Stevens Canyon Entrance between the hours of 7am. to 3pm.  will need to use a timed pass beginning May 24, 2024 running through September 2, 2024.

Visitors entering the Sunrise Corridor at State Route 410 White River Entrance between the hours of 7am. to 3pm. will need to use a timed entry pass beginning July 3, 2024 through September 2, 2024.



Paradise Inn Mount Rainier

How to Make Your Timed Entry Reservation

For park reservations, visitors will need to utilize or make reservations by calling  877-444-6777 where further assistance is available via their customer service number during specified hours of 7am to 9pm. Pacific Time.

Reservations for the Paradise Corridor, available for dates through July, open on February 21, 2024,

Beginning April 1, 2024 you can begin to make reservations to use the Sunrise Corridor.

For planning visits in August up to Labor Day, booking starts on May 1.

To accommodate more visitors, additional reservations are released daily at 7 p.m. for use the following day throughout the summer.

Each reservation, which costs $2, allows one personal vehicle entry within a two-hour window.

For example, a 9 a.m. reservation permits entry from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., without any enforced time for departure.

These contact points ensure visitors receive accurate and helpful information regarding their visit to the park.

Parking lot Mt. Rainier National Park

Exceptions to Needing a Mount Rainier Timed Entry Pass

You will not need a Timed Entry Pass for Mount Rainier if you enter the park before 7am. or after 3pm. Early and late arrivals will not be required to have a pass at this time.

If you already have a reservation at the National Park Inn in Longmire, Paradise Inn, or Cougar Rock Campground within the Paradise Corridor you can use proof of your reservation for entry after 1:00 pm on the day of their reservation instead of using a timed entry reservation to gain access to the Paradise Corridor. 

You can acquire a first-come first-served permit at White River Campground within the Sunrise Corridor. You can use this camping permit instead of using a timed entry pass to gain access to the Sunrise Corridor.

If you have a Wilderness Permit or Special Use Permit  You can use your permit instead of using a timed entry reservation to gain access to the associated corridor of their permit. Make sure to check your permit carefully for instructions for your specific permit; as access varies.

For inquiries about Mount Rainier's timed entry system, visitors can contact the park through their dedicated email or by phone at 360-569-6249.

Additionally other areas of the park, including Ohanapecosh, Tipsoo Lake, Carbon River and Mowich Lake, will not require reservations at any time. 

Maximizing Your Park Experience:

With your timed entry pass in hand, you’re ready to explore! But there's more to Mount Rainier than just securing your entry. Plan your visit to include the many wonders of the park. From the breathtaking views at Sunrise and Paradise to the serene trails through old-growth forests, there's an abundance of natural beauty awaiting you. And don't forget to check out the visitor centers for insightful exhibits and helpful park information!

Essential Tips for a Smooth Visit:

To make your trip as enjoyable as possible, here are some handy tips. First, arrive within your designated time slot to ensure entry. It's also a good idea to plan for varying weather conditions – after all, Mount Rainier is known for its unpredictable weather. Pack layers and be prepared for anything from sunny skies to sudden showers. Also, considering the park's popularity, it's wise to have a backup plan in case your preferred spots are crowded.

Sustainable Tourism: Embracing the Timed Entry Spirit:

The timed entry system isn't just about crowd control; it's part of a broader effort to promote sustainable tourism at Mount Rainier. By regulating the flow of visitors, the park can better preserve its natural habitats and wildlife. As a visitor, you play a crucial role in this. Respect the park's rules, stick to marked trails, and leave no trace. Your mindful actions help ensure that Mount Rainier remains a pristine and stunning destination for future generations.

FAQs: Quick Insights on Mount Rainier's Timed Entry System

  1. What are the peak hours requiring a timed entry pass at Mount Rainier?
    • Timed entry passes are required during peak hours, typically from 7 AM to 3 PM, across specific park corridors.
  2. Can I enter the park without a reservation outside of timed entry hours?
    • Yes, visitors can enter without a timed entry pass before 7 AM or after 3 PM.
  3. Are there any exceptions to needing a timed entry pass?
    • Yes, exceptions include having lodging reservations within the park and possessing certain special permits.
  4. How much does a timed entry reservation cost?
    • Each reservation generally costs around $2, allowing vehicle entry within a specified two-hour window.
  5. Can I modify or cancel my timed entry reservation?
    • Reservation policies, including modifications and cancellations, are typically outlined on the reservation platform.


Mount Rainier reflection in lake
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