Spending a Day in Sumner

As autumn approaches, nothing sounds more comforting than taking the time to wander around a small town, taking in the sights and sounds of the changing season. The perfect place to explore is the charming town of Sumner, Washington. 

Located 45 minutes away from Seattle, Sumner offers a chance to escape the big city and take pleasure in the tiny moments in life. From an inspiring art scene to local shops and eateries bustling with autumn decorations, Sumner is a great town to spend the day. 

Bird Mural on building in Sumner Washington
Spread Love Mural on Building
Home is wherever I am with you mural in Sumner, WA
Mural of a tree in front of a brick wall
Sumner Electric Coffee House sign

But First Coffee...

An amazing day starts with coffee! To get your caffeine fix, stop by Electric Coffee House, a new coffee shop located at the end of Main Street. A very modern aesthetic welcomes people of all kinds through their doors. Glancing around this shop you may find students working diligently on their laptops or a middle-aged couple discussing the town news. This local business has both indoor seating options as well as tables outside where you can observe the activities of the townspeople. Electric Coffee House has all your classic coffee choices but also offers different food options such as avocado toast and churros. If you choose to visit later in the day, they offer alcoholic drink options that change based on the day. No matter what time of the day you choose to come, Electric Coffee House’s friendly baristas will be ready to welcome you in!

Sumner electric

A Mural on Every Block

Within the past few years, the City of Sumner has focused on beautifying their community with art across town. Walking down Main Street you will find several murals created by various local artists. One mural features a mailbox where you can write down what you are grateful for. All murals feature great backdrops for photos as well as promote the art scene.

Take the time to explore downtown Sumner and see how many murals you can find!

Learn more about one of the mural artists Curtis Ashby. We interviewed Curtis on the Exploring Washington State Podcast.

Listen to his episode here.

Locker Mural in Sumner Washington
Bird mural in Sumner, WA
Bird mural in Sumner, WA
Sumner Reuben Knoblauch Heritage Park gazebo

Heritage Park

On your wander around town, make sure to walk over to Heritage Park, a charming little area that features a small grassy field, a gazebo, and a waterfall cascading over plaques of historic buildings and names. In the summer, musicians of all types put on concerts for the townspeople to enjoy each week. This little park makes the perfect spot to take a break and enjoy the views of Sumner.

Sumner Heritage Signs on wall
Sumner Washington Heritage Signs
Flowers in bloom

Ryan House Museum

The last stop that you must hit in Sumner is the Ryan House Museum. This museum features historic items from Sumner’s past. It is so named the Ryan House because this building was home to the Ryan family, the family of the first elected mayor of Sumner. Since COVID, Ryan House has limited hours and is only open to the public on Saturdays and Sundays from 1-4 p.m. If you are unable to visit during their open hours, Ryan House has a walking tour map available this way you can take a tour of the town on your own and still understand some of Sumner’s history without visiting the museum itself.

Sumner Ryan
Ryan House Museum Sumner Washington
Inta Vintage in Sumner, WA

Shop Local

All along Main Street a multitude of shops wait to be explored! From boutiques to bookstores and kitchen shops, you will find everything you are looking for in Sumner. If you are interested in antiques, make sure to stop in Inta Vintage. This shop, located on Main Street, features multiple rooms and levels with many antiques to be discovered. Whether you are looking for something specific or just wandering around, you will be sure to find a treasure here!

antiques at Inta Vintage in Sumner, WA
teapot at Inta Vintage in Sumner, WA
Owl sign at Inta Vintage in Sumner, WA

In a small town, there is always a charming bookstore! In Sumner, the bookstore is A Good Book. This shop has several different genres and sells both new and used books. The booksellers label their favorite books on the shelves and even have a blind date book display. They have a selection of books wrapped up in paper with a description of the book and the genre taped to the wrapped book. The idea is that you grab a book without knowing the title or author! 

Sumner books on a shelf
Sumner children's book nook
Sumner books

Simple Tidings and Kitchen is an essential shop that you must visit to feel the cozy warmth of autumn! This shop is mainly a kitchen supply store but also offers items such as candles, ornaments, and knick-knacks. Stop by and see their wonderful fall decorations and even grab a new candle to remind you of your trip to Sumner.

Sumner Simple
Sumner Simple
Sumner Simple

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