Spending a Night at The Grain Bin Inn in Pasco

Just 15 miles north of Pasco sits one of the most unique Airbnbs in the State of Washington. A few years ago, a couple decided to convert a grain bin into a cozy two-story home. The Inn is the perfect place to get some peace and relaxation.

grain bin inn and flower farm

The Grain Bin Inn

The Grain Bin Inn is situated on an organic farm with over 300 different crop varieties — everything from flowers to eggplant. According to the owners, the flower farm is known for its perennial flowers like lavender, lilies, sunflowers, and amaranth.

The spot is fairly new. The Grain Bin Inn & Flower Farm came to be in 2017. The owners, an organic landscape coordinator and a farmer, decided to bring their vision to fruition after the Tri-Cities saw one of its worst winters in decades. 

We were intrigued by the idea of staying in an actual grain bin. I also wanted to find a way to have a little staycation, while also staying safe during the pandemic. This turned out to be very festive and memorable. It rained most of the night we were there, and while that wasn’t great for starting a fire, it was perfect for hearing the classic sound of rain on the roof.

Airbnb Amenities

The Grain Bin Inn is quite spacious inside. It is two stories and has nice decorative touches all over to remind you, you’re staying on an actual farm! We were impressed with the small, spiral staircase they built. It felt very sturdy and was easy to navigate up and down. The shower had ceramic tiles, of course with the theme of crops. There is a microwave and a fridge, but no stove. We were very pleased with how warm the Inn was throughout the night. We’ve stayed in a few unconventional Airbnbs, and sometimes staying warm can be an issue, but not here!

The Inn can accommodate up to four people with a queen bed upstairs and a couch downstairs that folds out into a full bed. My partner and I decided to make this a romantic weekend for just the two of us, but this could also be a great place for a family to enjoy. 

grain bin inn
grain bin inn bed

There is a fire pit for entertaining and a grain bin lounge which is seasonally available. It rained the whole night so we had to resort to making the s’mores that we brought in the microwave, but hey, they’re too good to pass up! 

One of my favorite parts of the stay was enjoying the delicious, homemade pumpkin bread left for us by the owners of the Grain Bin Inn. The soft, fresh-baked loaves were all the rage in the Airbnb reviews online, and they did not disappoint! I also loved looking outside the window of the bedroom and taking in the farm surrounding us. It really felt nice to be away from town, immersed in a rural setting for a night. 

grain bin vs silo

What is a Grain Bin?

Here’s a fun fact I learned as I was researching this place. Grain bins and silos are not synonymous. Silos are tall and skinny, meant to hold grass or corn plants. The bins on the other hand are vented and short, made of corrugated steel. As you may guess by the title, grain bins are meant to store grains, like corn or soybeans. I made the mistake of calling it a silo at first, and learned they aren’t the same! 

grain bin inn and flowers

This Grain Bin is a truly unique weekend getaway. It’s close enough to the Tri-Cities so you have access to local breweries, wineries, and the Columbia River. But it’s also nice to spend a night on the farm, be able to see the stars, and to sleep in a very unusual space. It is probably even better in the Spring or Summer when the beautiful flowers are in bloom. We will likely be repeat customers and come back in April. That’s the start of asparagus season, and the flowers are bright and blooming! Even though we chose November for our stay, we still enjoyed our time there. 

We want to spread the word about this hidden gem in Eastern Washington. This quaint stay is $105 a night before Airbnb fees. It was well worth the money! The owners take great care to make you feel at home. It’s also one of the best ways to stay socially distanced, on a rural farm, while still getting a change of scenery. 

If you wanted to see a tour of the Grain Bin Inn, check out this story video I made of our adventure!

Photos courtesy of The Grain Bin Inn & Flower Farm.

Eliana Sheriff


  1. Garth Sheriff on December 23, 2020 at 10:51 am

    Love the article, and look forward to Eliana’s travel insight into interesting and out-of-the-way experiences in the future especially when COVID is over!

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