Spending A Day at Cordata Park

If you are anywhere near Bellingham, Washington, up in the Northwest part of Washington near the Canadian border and not too far away from the sea, then you are in for a real treat! A new park has just been established and it’s one that you must go and see. If you have kids or if you’re just a solo person wanting to find some good safe open walking trails, this park definitely has it all! 

cordata playground
cordata playground
cordata playground

Cordata Park is very modernized. It has the squishy tire kind of ground in between each of the structures. It has multiple playground sets ranging from little kids all the way up to adults. It even has a unique and creative merry-go-round. It’s got multiple different sets of swings ranging from the traditional kind to the basket that holds the kiddos (babies and toddlers), to the big chairs with the harnesses, and even the big flat disc and a double swing! It has a splash pad that offers relief from the sun and a chance to cool down. It has a covered sitting area for people to be able to get together and spend time with one another — a great little spot to host parties or other get-togethers. If you want to soak in the rays, there are picnic tables outside the covered area as well. The splash pad has many things to offer. It has mini rainbows, buckets that drop, water shooting out of the ground and more! The whole park just has a wide array of different attributes that make it a great place to spend a day! But that is not it! 

cordata playground
cordata pump track

Cordata Pump Track

To add to that, it also has something for the older kids or more experienced playground goers. Next to the play structures is a pump track! The pump track is innovative and covered in asphalt! It is one of the biggest pump tracks I’ve ever seen. People were on longboards, skateboards, bikes, and scooters ranging from ages five to adult. Everyone was enjoying the pump track. To even top that, they had a parkour park! I have yet to ever see one of those but there is a park with bars and platforms. I don’t even really know how to explain what it was because there were so many different shapes and ideas put into it for people to just run through it and fly around the place. It provides a great opportunity to get a good workout. But that was not everything — there was even a small patch of green turf with a couple of workout stations for anyone who would like to do that.

Cordata Park Trails

Like I mentioned earlier, there were also walking trails that were at least 6-8 feet wide and completely graveled. This is a great safety feature for a larger city. The trails are in the open and it is easy to see around you. There have to be at least a few miles of trail to walk, run, and/or ride bikes, whatever someone would like to do on a trail. If you want to get some additional distance, the park is right on the outskirts of Bellingham and you can take the trails and go into the city to see more of what Bellingham has to offer. 

We have two little kiddos under the age of five and it was an amazing park. We were so glad that when we were on the west side of the state to be able to go and visit and see what it had to offer. It really was fun for all of us with multiple different things to do. We were there for a while and we had barely played on each toy for just a short time. Someone could really spend a lot of time at this park! One thing we greatly appreciated was that like the trails, the park was wide open as well. If you are on one structure and your kids are on another, you would be able to see them pretty safely. 

When we go on vacation, going to a park is something that we love to do! We call it going park-hopping. Cordata Park would have to be on one of the top lists if there was a list for Washington State quality parks. We had so much fun and really enjoyed and definitely highly recommend it for anyone and everyone. There is something for any age group to do and to enjoy while visiting this park. 

cordata playground
cordata playground

Getting There

If coming from the freeway (I-5) the directions to get to this park are: 

1. When heading North on I-5, take exit 256A, the North Meridian Street Exit. 

2. Take a right at the fork and follow the signs for Lynden/Sumas/Whatcom Community College and merge onto Meridian Street. 

3. Stay on this road for just over a mile and a half, roughly five minutes, towards Cordata Parkway. 

4. Take a left at the light onto West Kellogg Rd. 

5. Take the first right out of the roundabout and continue until the next roundabout. 

6. Go through this roundabout and take the second exit (as if going straight). 

7. Within a minute the park will be on your right. 

Address: 4510 Cordata Parkway, Bellingham, WA

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