Browns Point Lighthouse Beach

Browns Point Lighthouse Beach

Children crying because it’s too hot outside? Dad wants to take the motorcycle for a spin? Mom just wants to read her book in the shade? Then grab your arm floaties and your fishing rod and head down to Brown’s Point park just southwest of Federal Way.

This awesome park sits right on a natural point (hence the name) overlooking the Puget sound with Tacoma, Ruston Way and Vashon Island for a background.

Browns Point Activities

As you can see from the pictures, the park is on a sloping hill. There is some flat ground where people play Frisbee or toss a football around. But if you’re looking to get a massive game of soccer going, a more horizontal plane might be worth checking out.

But horseshoes…now you’re talking! BYOH (Bring Your Own Horseshoes) but the pit is already there waiting for you by the Brown’s Point Improvement Club.


Browns Point overlooking Ruston Way

Browns Point overlooking Ruston Way

You’ll want to plan according to the weather… if it’s blazing hot you’ll definitely want to take a dip in the water. But if it’s just 70 degrees outside, be warned that the chilly water takes about 2.36 seconds to cool you off.

The southwest beach drops off pretty gradually, which makes it a great area for kids to romp around without worrying about getting in over their head too fast.

Note: Sandals or water shoes are recommended… this is the PNW folks, sandy beaches are for wimps! (OK, not really…we love sandy beaches too. But a silky smooth beach of white sand this is not)


Fisherman on north shore of Browns Point WA at sunrise

Fisherman on north shore of Browns Point WA at sunrise

What if it’s raining? Well, the fishing can be quite good… every other year. Yep, you read that right. Every other year the pink salmon come migrating through and the beach turns into a veritable war zone of pink-lure-slinging fishermen. Combat fishing at it’s finest. Good luck with parking…

Salmon Bake

Speaking of fishing at Browns Point, everyone should try to make it to the annual Brown’s Point Salmon Bake. This is a super fun event and the Brown’s Point Improvement Club works really hard to make sure it’s a fantastic turnout every year.

Boat Launch

There is a paved road that winds down a hill to a boat launch area. There is room to turn around at the bottom, but be advised that it is gravel and traction can be an issue at times. It can also get a bit crowded, so “pack your patience” as they say…

Video by John Feher. Used with permission.

Brown’s Point Improvement Club

What is this improvement club of which I speak? There is a clubhouse that sits on the south end of the park that is available for birthday parties, weddings, etc…

It’s not uncommon to see wedding photos being taken on the beach and this clubhouse is a great destination for small to mid-size social events. Find out more info here.

Browns Point Lighthouse and Beach

Browns Point Lighthouse and Beach

Browns Point Lighthouse

Even when it’s raining or just a little chilly, checking out the lighthouse itself is always advised. I think the coolest part is actually the keepers cottage just up the hill. Always decked out with beautiful flowers, you can actually rent it out and stay a few nights. Yes, yes, and yes.

Brown’s Point Diner

Just up the road about a mile, can’t miss it on your right as you roll past the little strip mall heading down to the beach. Excellent food, super friendly service and some awesome B&W photos of the area on the walls. You can also grab a pint from The Sand Bar next door. If it’s nice, we highly recommend sitting outside and enjoying the great view overlooking the water. Menu is here.

Mt Ranier view from Browns Point

Mt Rainier view from Browns Point

Insider tip: Look back to your left and behind you when you hit the intersection of Le-Lou-Wa Pl NE and Hyada Blvd NE to see a great view of Mt Rainier on a nice day. 


One tricky thing about this park is the parking. The parking inside the gate is for Brown’s Point Improvement Club members only. There are about 6 parking spaces on the outside of the fence, or you can go around to a gravel parking lot on the East side of the park (at the top of the hill).

Address of Browns Point Lighthouse Beach

Physical address:
204 Ton A Wan Da Ave NE
Tacoma, WA 98422

Map of Browns Point Light House Park

Explore Browns Point

Pictures can give you an idea of what it’s like, but you really have to see this park for yourself. Come on out this summer and check out the lovely little gem just south of Federal Way!

Browns Point fiery sunset

Browns Point fiery sunset

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