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Federal Way is located in the south part of King County and is probably best known for the Wild Waves water and theme park (if you’re not scared of crowds and a healthy dose of sunscreen, this can be an awesome place to cool off in the summer) and for the King County Aquatic Center. Not sure why Federal Way residents seem to be fascinated with water activities…

The city is currently working on a new cultural center that is slated to open in the summer of 2017. It will be built near the current transit center just north of the Commons Mall off 320th.


You can find out more about that here.

Even though the heart of Federal Way appears to be mostly concrete, strip malls and suburbs, you just have to get off the beaten path a bit to find some lovely gems. For the nature lovers, there are the Rhody Gardens (who knew there were SO MANY varieties), PowellsWood off of Dash Point Rd and quick access down to Redondo Beach.

A great Sunday drive is following the leisurely Hwy 509 out to the Brown’s Point Lighthouse Beach or Dash Point State Park. A lot of motorcycle riders like this route on sunny days and stop at the beach for a picnic before continuing on.


Fun Facts

  • Federal Way is currently the the 9th largest city in the State of Washington according to a 2014 estimate.
  • The city is home to about 95,000 residents.
  • You can still roller skate (yes, roller skating is still a thing!) at Pattison’s West. And yes, you can request your own songs.
  • Physical size: About 22 sq miles.

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