Visiting the Historic Liberty Township

As the weather begins to change and you feel more inclined to get some fresh air, there are many places to visit. From campsites, to hiking trails to local history — there is so much to explore. But, how do you decide where to go when there are so many options?

mining equipment in Liberty Township

Look no further because Liberty, Washington has it all. Nestled deep into the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, this quaint township provides ample opportunity to learn about local history while exploring the vast beauty that Washington has to offer. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a trip to Liberty!

Liberty Township historic wooden sign

Starting the Journey

When you first see the sign for Liberty, you may be suspicious of how a small town could hide so deep in the forest. But fear not, as you get closer to the destination you will begin to see log cabins with dogs excitedly running amok and you’ll know you’re in the right spot.

Before entering the town, you will be greeted with a large sign directing toward the campsite available to visitors. If you’re interested in staying for a few days, hiking along the Swauk Creek and enjoying the view of Lions Rock, you’ll want to stop here after visiting the town.

Though, if you’re just taking a quick trip for a photo-op and a mini history lesson, keep heading down the road until you see large, rustic construction equipment. Now, you’ve made it to Liberty, but where to start?

Although you may think the town is small, there are actually five historically recognized buildings and many other interesting sites along the road. Liberty was noted as a historical site on Oct. 15, 1974 by the National Park Service and U.S. Department of the Interior for the vast mining history of the town.

Liberty township road into town
Liberty Township American Flag Flying on pole

Seeing the History

On the right you will see a large billowing American flag that marks the beginning of your journey. Here you will find the original, historic town sign that explains a bit about the origins of this area. As the sign details, Liberty is the oldest mining town in the state which means there is a lot of history wrapped in the area.

If you’re interested in learning a bit more about this once booming industry, a large display case to the right explains a bit about the history of mining in Liberty and about the gold that was found in the area. 

Bridge crossing Swauk Creek in Liberty Township

As you continue moving into town, you’ll notice a short bridge passing over the Swauk Creek; if you want to see a vast valley of trees or find an epic photo location, be sure to cross over the bridge — you won’t be disappointed!

Throughout your time in the town, make sure to stop by and see all of the historic buildings. There is a butcher shop, a hotel, a grocery store, a log house and a stage office, all noted as contributors to the historic nature of Liberty.

A Camper’s Delight

For those who are planning to spend the night camping, make sure to venture along the short trail next to the creek as you will find multiple fire pits and picnic tables for the family to enjoy. 

Liberty Camping Sign

If you like a bit more adventure and traveling off the beaten path, try heading straight through Liberty on the backroads to Lions Rock Lookout. As long as you check for weather conditions, you’re in for some fantastic views and memories in the forest.

While there are many places to choose from for your next outdoor destination, make sure to add Liberty to your list. Happy travels!

Madeline Wilson

Madeline Wilson is a native Californian who relocated to Central Washington three years ago to attend CWU. She enjoys spending her weekends (and any piece of free time) away from the hustle of school by regularly visiting new parts of Washington state with her friends. Trying as many hole-in-the-wall coffee shops as possible — even without a liking for coffee — is always on her checklist. If all goes according to plan, she will graduate within the next year and continue her passion for writing about the wonderful people and places across Washington.


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    Great article! Can’t wait to visit!

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      I want To find Gold, Gold,Gold !!!in Liberty.

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    This looks like a great small town to explore, great article.

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      Liberty is a great place to visit

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