In the Yakima Valley dinophiles can find an outdoor paradise filled with various dinosaur statues. Built back in the early 90’s, this dino-park went from a single sculpture to around thirty, thanks to the residents of Granger. Originally built as a way to “revitalize” the Main Street and downtown area, the Hisey Dinosaur Park has become the perfect pit-stop on family road trips. Who can complain about free entertainment?!


The first dinosaur they built (a baby brontosaurus) was what Jack Burns, the Public Works director calls, “prehistoric.” He goes on to state, “We used anything we could find around the shop to hold the cement: oil cans, milk jugs, wadded up paper.” The Town’s Public Works Department was given the heavy challenge of “producing something along the lines of a dinosaur theme.

Refining their building and sculpting talents over the years, the newer dinosaurs have been built with wire-frames, metal mesh, and pipes- all covered in cement.

Every year in the beginning of June, the town holds what is called, “Dino-n-a-Day” where visitors can come and help create the next new member of this ever growing dinosaur family.


Plan your trip to the Hisey Dino Park with this handy brochure!