Stevens County

Stevens County History and Heritage

Established in 1863, Stevens County has a rich history deeply rooted in mining and logging industries, shaping its identity as a region of historical significance.

The county, founded for copper and silver miners, occupies the northern half of Washington east of the Cascade Mountains. Over the years, Stevens County has evolved from a hub for mining and logging to a region with a diversified economy.

Historically connected to Spokane County in the southeast, Stevens County has long been associated with significant industries. The area, partially nestled within the Colville National Forest, boasts a sparsely populated yet breathtaking landscape.

Serving as a bedroom community for Spokane commuters, Stevens County has witnessed a demographic shift from rural to urban in its surrounding areas. This rich history and heritage in mining and logging have left a lasting impression on the county, contributing to its unique charm and character.

Outdoor Adventures

For water lovers, Stevens County boasts numerous lakes, rivers, and streams, perfect for kayaking, boating, and swimming. Wildlife viewing is a popular pastime, offering glimpses of deer, elk, bears, and a variety of bird species in their natural habitats. The county caters to all skill levels, ensuring there’s something for everyone, making it an ideal destination for outdoor recreation.

Charming Small Towns

Discover the quaint charm and vibrant community life of Colville, Chewelah, and Kettle Falls, nestled in the picturesque Stevens County. These small towns, with their historic buildings and scenic surroundings, offer a peaceful escape from the busyness and activity of city life.

Colville, the county seat provides residents with access to outdoor activities and a strong sense of community.

Chewelah, known for its golf courses and annual events like Chautauqua, boasts a welcoming atmosphere and various amenities for its inhabitants.

Kettle Falls, located along the scenic Columbia River, offers tranquility, fishing, boating opportunities, and a glimpse into the area’s rich history.

Cultural Events in Stevens County

Immerse yourself in Stevens County’s vibrant cultural scene through a diverse array of engaging events and activities.

Stevens County hosts an annual Fair and Rodeo in August, where you can enjoy livestock shows, carnival rides, live entertainment, and traditional rodeo events.

The Chewelah Community Float proudly participates in the Lilac Festival Parade in Spokane, showcasing local pride and creativity.

For winter enthusiasts, the Loon Lake Winter Festival offers exciting activities such as ice fishing, snowmobile races, and a polar bear plunge against the scenic lake backdrop.

Moreover, explore the mysterious world of Bigfoot lore at the Northport International Sasquatch Summit, featuring speakers, vendors, and community gatherings.

If you appreciate the arts, the Chewelah Arts Guild organizes various art shows, classes, and workshops throughout the year, highlighting local talent and nurturing creativity within the community.

Stevens County truly offers a rich tapestry of cultural events for everyone to enjoy.

Community Spirit

Residents in Stevens County actively cultivate a strong sense of community spirit through their participation in local events, festivals, and volunteer activities. This collective effort not only brings the community together but supports local businesses, schools, and public services. The dedication to preserving historical landmarks and traditions showcases a deep-rooted pride in the region’s rich cultural heritage. Furthermore, the community spirit is exemplified through the commitment to sustainable practices, with residents coming together to address common challenges and improve the overall quality of life for everyone.

In addition to organized events and volunteer initiatives, the community spirit in Stevens County extends to recreational activities like group hikes, sports leagues, and conservation efforts. By engaging in these activities, residents not only enjoy the natural beauty of the area but actively contribute to its preservation for future generations.

This strong sense of unity and shared responsibility nurtures a close-knit and supportive environment that defines the essence of Stevens County’s community spirit.


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