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What kind of park-goer are you? Are you the kind that likes to go by yourself for a nice stroll or brisk walk with a loved one or a friend? Or are you someone who goes because you have a pile of kids and you love the experience of the playground and the equipment and the differences between each and every park? There could be so many reasons to enjoy a particular park. 

One awesome park in Northwest Washington is Lynden City Park. It offers experiences or different situations for each person no matter what kind of park-goer they are.

Lynden City Park Playground

Finding Lynden City Park

First off, you pull into a little narrow road right out of the town of Lynden (right out of the main hub). The park is located at 8460 Depot Road. From Main Street, turn onto Depot Road and head North for approximately 2-5 minutes depending on street lights. Take a right at the park and you will be greeted with towering cedar trees. You will see squirrels, birds, and other little wildlife running and flying around. As you drive through the slow winding turns for a short time, a big loop will be made and you will end up at the parking lot. Right by there will be the restrooms and a nice, one-foot-deep (or so) creek. In the distance, but not very far away, you can see the park.

Bender Fields

If you are there for a walk by yourself or even with others, there is a paved trail at least two strollers wide. There is plenty of room for traffic going either direction without having to scoot over to the side. The paved trail weaves walkers or runners through the forest, into and around homes in a nice neighborhood and connects over to another park, Bender Fields. This park alone includes all kinds of pump tracks and playgrounds, giant field chess pieces and rock walls. There are baseball fields, pickleball courts, soccer fields and so much more to be offered. You can jump back and forth between the two parks if you want. 


Park Activities

Back to Lynden City Park, whether it is hot or not, you are in the shade because of the towering trees which help cool you down. Additionally, there is a little creek that is very safe for kids to play in.

As you make your way into the playground itself you are greeted with a decently sized toddler kick off. This park is perfect for kids four years old and younger. Of course, anyone can play in there but it is meant for the younger generation of kids. It’s super cool because it includes many mini-buildings which consist of only three or four walls and no roof. They are all connected to mimic the city of Lynden. There is a little train, a swing set, a small slide, and a little structure in place to run around and hide and play. One huge safety benefit is that the entire toddler section is fenced. This area isn’t too large, so you can sit anywhere and still be able to watch your child if you are not already running around with them. 

Finally, the big dog. The big playground/structure/play area is great fun for all! Within the big park stands a giant tower that is almost like a maze within itself. Steps and stairs lead up to the big platform at the top where there is a big slide, taking you in the dark all the way to the bottom. It shoots out by the swing set. By the way, this area is also fenced for safety. And then you wrap around the corner and immediately into the bridges and stairways. There are multiple levels and little shootouts to pop down through the walkways to the ground or out the sides for an exit when playing tag. 

More to Explore

You would think this would be it, but it’s not. There is another structure where you can run around and hide in a little maze underneath, and slides going every which way. And then off that it connects to a mini obstacle course where there is a little balance beam bridge that kind of swings. There are also monkey bars and rope balance walkways where you have to cross the rope and hold onto another rope.

It was just so awesome to experience a park like this one. My family and I even witnessed late middle school (maybe high school) kids running around and playing tag and it seemed like a small spot to have such large kids playing so hard, with others around. But it was not. It was perfect.

I don’t know for sure how many times we have been to Lynden City park now, but we have always made a point to either meet people there or just spend time there as a family because it is so fun and provides so many opportunities for different things we love to do. If you love parks for any of the reasons I shared already, you are just like us and love to spend time with your kids and to run around, being active and not just sitting around. Then this is a park to definitely check out! So much fun and I guarantee you will be going back more than once.

lynden city park
Lynden City Park playground

Edaleen Dairy

To end such a glorious experience, why stop there? Lynden offers so many restaurants and quick places to get tasty snacks after a couple of hours exerting so much energy. Take the kiddos over to Edaleen Dairy which is right down the road. It is family-owned and local. They have some of the best ice cream around! Here are the directions from the park: 

1. Take a left and head south on Depot Street, towards Main Street (.2 of a mile). 

2. Continue through the light (now 3rd Street – .1 of a mile). 

3. Take a left onto Grover street for roughly .8 of a mile and the destination is on your left.

Address: 1011 E Grover St, Lynden, WA 98264

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