Teneriffe Falls Views

Hiking Teneriffe Falls

Want a gem of a hike that’s family-friendly and won’t take an all-day drive? This is your go-to hike with a great reward: Teneriffe Falls, North Bend, WA. After our…

View from atop Badger Mountain

Hiking Trails in the Tri-Cities

The Tri-Cities is blessed with 300 days of glorious sunshine and an average of less than eight inches of precipitation each year. Located in the southeastern heart of Washington State,…

Iron Goat monument

Conquering the Iron Goat Trail

Do you believe in ghosts? I do. Though, I’m not the type to go seeking them out on purpose. And as far as believing a hike could be haunted? For…


Hiking Hardy Falls and Pool of the Winds

Something wonderful happened. After weeks of relentless winter Washington rain, on January 17th, the skies cleared and the sun burst through the clouds as if to say, “Hey you, come…

Discovery Park Beach

Exploring Discovery Park in Seattle

Hey there, Explore Washington State reader! Hilary and Roscoe here. It’s another rainy day in Seattle, so in other words, it’s a perfect time to write about one of our…

Hiker on path with dog Ancient Lakes Trail

Hiking Ancient Lakes Trail

Looking for a quick desert escape from Seattle but don’t want to pay all that money for a plane ticket to go somewhere like California or Arizona? Or, maybe you’re…

Lake Serene

Spending a Weekend in Monroe

Monroe is home of the Evergreen State Fair, one of the largest county state fairs held annually in the Pacific Northwest. But there is so much more to Monroe than just…

Lake Wilderness

Visiting Lake Wilderness Park

Looking for an adventure in the Maple Valley area? Join us as we explore Lake Wildnerness Park. Hello, Explore Washington State readers! Hilary and Roscoe here. Well, technically just Hilary….


Hiking Washington’s Southern Coastal Route

A good hike for the colder months ahead: that became my mission the last few weeks as I contemplated my upcoming article. I had recently gotten back from a trip…