Cave entrances

Exploring Lake Lenore Caves

When you think of ancient caves, you may think you need to travel halfway across the country, or the world, to take this type of a step back in time….


Exploring PenMet Parks

There’s something beautiful about walking in the woods. The weight of life’s stresses seems to fall off your shoulders, brushed off to the ground by a low hanging Douglas fir…

Lookout from the top of Mount Spokane

Spending A Day At Mount Spokane

Regardless of season, Mount Spokane State Park is a remarkable resource for outdoor adventure in the state of Washington. It is the tallest peak in the densely forested Selkirk Mountain…

Assorted hiking gear

Hiking Necessities for Washington State Trails

What’s worth the investment? As a self-proclaimed minimalist, I’m someone who only brings the gear I think I will need on a hike and rolls her eyes at fellow hikers…

Bridge at Deception Pass

A Day at Deception Pass State Park

Washington State has long been known for its wild beauty, epitomized by tall pine trees, rugged landscapes and stunning coastlines. Though it is often reduced to no more than a…

Fort Spokane ruined foundations

Spending a Day at Fort Spokane

Many Pacific Northwesterners are unaware of the fascinating history of the state of Washington, particularly on the far-less-populated eastern side of the state. From the production of plutonium during World…

Forest trail

A Hike Through Federation Forest State Park

A few miles past Enumclaw, along the winding path carved by Route 410, Federation Forest sits nestled by the mighty White River. Though perhaps not as showy or intimidating as…

Gingko petroglyphs

A Day at the Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park

Central Washington is home to a multitude of state parks, each with their own unique features and viewpoints. If you’re looking for a daylong adventure through a beautiful park with…

Juniper dunes

Exploring the Juniper Dunes Wilderness Area

After arriving at the trailhead for the Juniper Dunes Wilderness Area, I stepped down from the running board of my pickup, the dust settled, and as I surveyed the barren,…

Mt Rainier Paradise Trail with wildflowers

Seeking Wildflowers on Mt. Rainier’s Paradise Trails

There is no doubt that Mount Rainier is one of Washington’s most iconic must-see attractions. Mount Rainier National Park welcomes thousands of visitors year-round. Most of its visitors coming during…

WSU Vancouver Hall

Walking The Cougar Trails at Washington State University Vancouver

As a rule, university campuses are very nice. Even those tucked into the middle of big cities, like the University of Washington in Seattle, offer students and visitors beautiful walking…

High Rock Lookout

Conquering High Rock Lookout Trail

Looking for a short and manageable hike with stunning 360-degree views that reward you? Look no further than Washington’s High Rock Trail located in the Gifford-Pinchot National Forest in Lewis…