Richland Washington


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Hanford Nuclear Site, Richland has a rich and sometimes controversial history, centering around the time that the US Army came in during World War II and removed 300 current residents to make room for the Manhattan project. The city now focuses on many other industires, including a thriving agricultural economy, but the cleanup from the Hanford site continues to dominate national headlines about Richland.


Fun Facts

  • The high school’s logo includes a mushroom cloud and they are named the “Bombers”. Subtle, they are not.
  • The city revolves in large part around the Columbia River, and wine culture is strong in the area.

Lewis and Clark in Richland

The Plan On October 16th, 1805 Richland was put on the map thanks to the famous cross-country journey by Lewis and Clark. After purchasing Louisiana from France in 1803, President Jefferson wanted to explore more of his great country. He wanted to affirm the...