Exploring Digs Co. Cabins Near Cle Elum

We’re sharing three cabins by Chelsea from Digs Co, located around the Cle Elum area. Just 90 minutes from Seattle, these properties are perfect for a quick weekend getaway or a longer vacation. We’ve enjoyed each cabin’s unique theme and are excited to share more about Chelsea’s co-hosting business.

We also had the pleasure of interviewing Chelsea to learn about how she combines interior design, hospitality, and running multiple cabins @thedigs.co. Read our interview with Chelsea below!

Sun Country Digs 

Still one of the most stylish cabins we’ve seen – the exterior is a striking all-black house, and the inside is modern with a touch of boho whimsy (love the giant woodland animal prints, jungle plants, and macramé weavings). This cabin has plenty of rooms for a larger group, including a cool bunk bed for kids. There’s a gas-powered outdoor fire pit for s’mores in the snow, and an indoor electric fireplace to keep you cozy as you read from their neat library. A marble top island and green cabinets make this one of my favorite kitchens and very convenient if you want to prep your own meals. Outside, there’s a jacuzzi and a grill tucked away. Pup friendly, with a dog bed and treats from the host.

cabin interior
lakeview mountain escape

Lakeview Mountain Escape

Perched atop the mountains, this amazing log cabin features one of the most breathtaking lake views in Washington, which can be enjoyed from the cabin balcony. Facing west and overlooking Lake Cle Elum, we will not soon forget one of the most epic sunsets from here. This cabin is one of the largest we’ve been to, with two kitchens, two living room areas, and three floors. There is easy lake access at the bottom of the mountain for plenty of water activities. If you’re looking for a place to host friends and family and make unforgettable memories, be sure to check out this cabin. Of note, this log cabin is not pup or kid-friendly but still is perfect for romantic getaways or a place to hang out with friends.

Moonshine Digs

This A-frame has one of the most unique color schemes – bright yellow and black that is so aesthetically pleasing. Enjoy the amazing retro vibe with mid-century modern furniture, a Victrola record player, bold 60’s-inspired wallpaper print, and best of all, a vintage arcade with over 400 games from the ’80s. We spent a good amount of time reliving our childhood dueling one another in Pacman and Space Invaders. Outside is a tree fort “TeepeeDigs”, a cozy hammock, and a fire pit surrounded by several chairs. If you are looking to escape to someplace remote with plenty of amenities, we highly recommend Moonshine Digs (even if it’s raining nonstop like on our stay, there’s so much to do at the cabin). Pup-friendly, and we enjoyed treats and a beanie gifted from the host.

a frame cabin
inside moonshine cabin
moonshine digs cabin

Interviewing Chelsea From Digs Co.

1. I love the name of each rental. What is the background of the name Digs Co. and each property?

When my husband and I built our first vacation rental in Roslyn, we wanted the name of the house to incorporate the history of the town. Being that the town was founded by coal miners, calling it Roslyn Digs was the perfect fit. From there, we started naming each new Digs similarly, but with its own twist depending on the street name, neighborhood or area. After the 4th Digs was underway, we rebranded to Digs Co. 

2. Tell us about yourself and your transition from commercial real estate to short-term rentals.

My career in real estate began in 2008 when I started my first job out of college as a commercial property manager. While working a full-time job and starting a family, my husband and I also started renovating homes in our spare time. It wasn’t until after a mass layoff experience that we began aggressively flipping homes. Finally, in 2017, we decided to pursue our dream of building a home together and knew that we wanted to keep it as a short-term rental investment. We designed, built, and staged our first home and learned as we went on how to be the best boutique short-term rental operators we could be.

dog outside cabin

3. Describe the process of getting each Digs cabin set up. How do you decide on the property and location?

Being married to a realtor — who has a passion for real estate that goes beyond the norm — it’s almost like a blessing and a curse! He probably sends me 4-5 houses or properties a week (I wish I was exaggerating). We try to identify neighborhoods that have unique offerings. Is there lake access, a view, proximity to local attractions, etc? Are STRs legally allowed to operate? Then we keep a pulse on that smaller area until we find something we want to pursue. We often work with investors, too! Ultimately, we strive for something that feels different and that can stand out from other short-term rentals in the area.

4. What are your favorite things to do around Cle Elum? Are you from Washington originally?

I am from Colorado and moved to Seattle to attend Seattle Pacific University. My husband grew up here and has family in the Cle Elum area. He grew up watching his dad build cabins in the area and snowmobiling with friends in the winter. We always felt drawn to the community and wanted our kids to build memories there, too. We love spending time on the lake, enjoying some of our favorite restaurants, exploring with our kids, and sharing these experiences with our friends.

5. You have the most amazing interior designs – from furniture to color to wallpaper! Tell us about your decorating style in your rentals? What’s your favorite decor in each Digs cabin?

I love a good theme! When I can identify something that will be a unique theme or vibe, I run with it! It was absolutely a learning process for me and something that continues to be refined. What is so fun about having different styles in each home is that I can really be creative and try things I probably wouldn’t try in my own home. I’ve learned where to invest (things you sit on or sleep in!) and where you can go for the deals (hello Target and Ikea). We learned that guests enjoy staying somewhere that doesn’t look and feel like every other home. So it’s really encouraged me to continue being bold!

lakeview cabin interior

6. What’s your favorite story about a Digs cabin? 

Oh gosh, it’s really hard to narrow it down to one. It makes me absolutely giddy when I hear stories about people sharing monumental moments in our homes (engagements, elopements, or special holidays). Or when I hear from a friend that she was visiting someone’s house for the first time and one of our stickers was on their cooler. We have bumped into strangers who are wearing one of our hats and I do a double-take. Or when my son attended a new school and a classmate asks them how they know about the Digs when they see our sticker on his pencil box. 

7. What’s the hardest part about running multiple cabins and properties?

I’m very intentional about not growing too quickly and forsaking quality. Once we reached 4-5 houses, I knew I would need to invest in better systems to help manage my workload. I’m practically glued to my phone so that I don’t miss a message from a guest who may need something. Setting up great processes is key. However, I have also learned that it’s okay when mistakes are made and that we have learned through trial and error to continue improving.  

8. Can you talk more about your role in co-hosting properties?

I just launched the co-hosting side of my business this year! I’ve had the opportunity to start working with some great, like-minded clients who appreciate our approach of putting the guest experience first in order to run a successful short-term rental. We partner with homeowners who see value in the personal touches, but don’t have the time to dedicate to the daily operations. I offer a tailored consulting service anywhere from interior design and prepping the house for short-term renting, to setting up the listing and managing guest communications and turnovers.   

9. What do you want your guests to know about your Digs Co. cabins?

I want our guests to know that we really love hosting and pour our hearts into curating the experience for them. We are intentional about how we decorate, the art they see on the walls, the bedding that we select, and even the bottle of wine we leave for them. We are hoping to improve the landscape of short-term rentals by being good neighbors and community members, and want our guests to resonate with that feeling. We hope to continue welcoming guests who love the intimacy of sharing someone’s home and want to be part of the communities they’re visiting.

The Exploring Washington State Podcast sat down with Chelsea from Digs Co. Listen to our conversation here.

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