Experience the Magic That is White Branches Tea House

You approach an elevator unlike one you’ve ever seen. The door slides open and has you questioning just what you’ve gotten yourself into. The floor of the elevator is grass not carpet, there are frames hung on the walls and decor as if an odd interior designer has left something special for you. As the elevator begins to rise, so does your anticipation. The room jolts, letting you know you’ve reached your floor. The door slides open and you’ve realized it was never an elevator at all, but a portal into another world. 


White Branches tea house is unlike any experience you’ve ever seen. Revive your imagination, spark your curiosity, be present and in awe, and of course, drink tea.

White Branches

This is not your average tea house. Stepping into White Branches is stepping into the incredible mind of its owner, Matthew White. He is one of very few people that have not lost the imagination and creative spark we all once had so vividly in childhood. Watch your own childlike wonder come back into fruition as you take in the beautifully placed chaos that is White Branches.

Listen to the Exploring Washington State Podcast episode with Matthew White. Hear how the project came to be and learn all about the venue.


Beyond the classic tea service, White Branches host events that are just as unique as their decor. During the day family friendly shows will have your kids begging you to come back, and their late shows have a sultry twist that are more suited for adult audiences. Between magicians, circus performers, drag queens, and more, the only thing you can expect at White Branches is the unexpected.


Location: The Old Town Grainery Building, 100 E Montgomery St Suite 210, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Hours: Wednesday - Sunday 10AM - 4PM

elevator at white branches
tea table close up

Tea Room

You approach your tea setting complete with everything you’ll need to indulge in the sweet and savory tastes of the Main Tier Menu. The room is decorated head to toe, the fireplace is lit as you settle into your seat.




White Branches has many menu choices. Their most popular menu is the Main Tier Menu, complete with two delectable homemade scones, mixed fruit, tea sandwiches, an assortment of bite sized desserts, and a pot of their signature Crème de la Earl tea - A mellow, creamy fusion of the traditional with the new. 


However, they also have a kids menu, vegetarian menu, gluten free menu, and vegan menu. Making it the perfect place no matter your dietary restrictions/preferences. They also have other options you can add to your meal such as mimosas, cocktails, spritzers, beer, wine, specialty scones, or their tea sandwich sampler.

If you are a fan of tea, you’ll love tasting their wide range of blends. Even if you are not a fan of tea, their menu will cater to your drink of choice.




Fall down the rabbit hole and into your very own exclusive tea room that is straight out of the Alice and Wonderland storybook. Enter the hidden entrance to your exclusive stay that will make you feel like you’re having tea with the Mad Hatter himself. 


With a special menu dedicated to the experience of the Wonderland Room, you’ll have tea sandwiches: curried mango chutney egg salad, tarragon chicken, turkey with havarti, caprese salad and cucumber with dill butter, accompanied by mixed fruit, scones, desserts, and sparkling punch with a pot of their signature tea: Crème de la Earl.

wonderland room chair close up
stage wide shot at white branches

Beyond the Tea

You may be thinking, “What exactly is this place?” and after visiting for quite a few hours, I am not sure I can answer that still. “Tea house” does not do White Branches justice, but neither does anything else. It is something entirely new - something those that visit will understand. Hidden doors, boutiques, tours, and shows - every corner of White Branches is a surprise. I plan to return myself because I feel as though I have still missed so much detail. 



Wanting to bring some of the magic home? Did something catch your eye while chatting over tea? Take home a part of the world you’ve experienced and bring into yours. White Branches boutique is full of trinkets, masks, tea pots, and accessories. 


Giving you an excuse to take another look around the building, the boutique visit is a great beginning or end to your day at the tea house. 

lounge area white branches
The lounge for those looking for a quick glass of tea, wine, or beer instead of staying for the entire tea service.
magic hallway white branches

More than Just One Experience


Every show is different from the last. Every season, the decor becomes a little different. No matter how many times you find yourself at White Branches, you will find something new to enjoy.


Celebrate a birthday, throw a bachelorette party, make a trip out with friends, catch up with the girls, go out as a couple, become a regular! This experience is for everyone.


Something for Everyone


It doesn't take long after visiting White Branches before you realize it there is no specific demographic. No matter who you are, no matter what your age, this tea house will have something for you.


Not looking for a full tea service? No worries, they also have a lounge where you can sit and order whatever you’d like from the menu. Sit in the lounge and have a business meeting over tea, catch up with an old friend over a beer or a glass of wine, bring your friend to check out the scenery and have cocktails - there are no limits to White Branches. 

tea room white branches
Tea Room
wonderland room
Wonderland Room
white branches stages
One of Their Stages

No matter how long you stay or what you order, you are free to look around. If you are tired of going to the same places, experiencing the same atmosphere, or just looking for a little more excitement in your life - a visit to White Branches is the answer. 

Lexi Wicks

Lexi Wicks

Lexi Wicks was born and raised in Western Washington amid the hustle and bustle of Tacoma, Washington. Now a college student at CWU, she is experiencing the central part of the state and often visiting family in Eastern Washington. She enjoys spending her weekends hiking new trails, kayaking, and finding new places to explore in state she calls home.


  1. Matthew White on May 4, 2023 at 2:30 pm

    Thank you so much for this wonderful review and we look forward to celebrating many more events together soon!

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