6 Vintage Pike Place Market Shops For The Perfect Evening

Pike Place Market in Seattle has been a beloved shopping hot spot for over 100 years. With shops of all kinds, it’s no wonder why Pike Place Market is still favored by locals and tourists alike. As high-rise apartments develop and pieces of historical Seattle cease to exist, it’s hard to find places which add a little nostalgia to a night out on the town. In spite of progression, there are plenty of great shops which remain in the halls of Pike Place Market. Just follow the signs, either above or below for these six great shops that will allow you to woo any company for a great dinner and a great time at home-all in one stop. 

Pike Place market teas

Don and Joe’s Meats 

Don and Joe’s Meats has been in Pike Place Market in one variation or another since 1906. Starting as “Dan’s Better Meats” this Pike Place steadfast started in the lower level, only to move to the upper level in 1924. The shop has gone through multiple monikers, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the meat and the quality. This shop is the perfect place to stop in for fresh meats of all types. You’re sure to impress with any meat choice, from fresh beef to multiple sausages and everything in between. Don and Joe’s Meats offers something for everyone, even veal brains for the more daring visitors. Stop by this Pike Place classic for the perfect fresh dinner staple.


Established in 1946, DeLaurenti has become a crucial Seattle grocer. With over 70 years of satisfied customers, DeLaurenti is a celebrated location to shop for cheese, meats, spices, wines and everything else you may need to make your date swoon. Since 1972, DeLaurenti has remained on the corner of First and Pike, allowing gormandizing Market guests to easily grab everything they could need for a perfect night at home. With a wide selection of foods and goods, there’s sure to be the perfect wine or other edible addition  to impress your special guest for a knock-out meal at home. Just come prepared to spend a lot of time browsing! 

Cheese case at DeLaurenti in Seattle

Pike Place Fish Market 

Pike Place Market fish

What would a trip to Pike Place Market be without a stroll through the Pike Place Fish Market? For over 90 years the Pike Place Fish Market has supplied fresh fish and seafood for anyone who desires to add a little bit of the ocean to their meal. With a large variety, a lot of tradition and plenty of friendly staff, there’s no reason not to take a stop and maybe pick up something fishy for dinner. After all, what’s more impressive than fresh, sustainably sourced salmon with some delicious Pike Place Market Tartar Sauce? Make your evening surf and turf with a stop at the Pike Place Fish Market. 

Market Spice

Now that you’ve grabbed the meat, the wine, the fish and maybe some exquisite cheese, it’s time to grab some spices to season it all up with. Since 1911, Market Spice has been adding a little flavor to the lives of Seattle locals and tourists. Offering every spice you could want, along with great selections in teas and other goodies, there’s nothing to dislike about Market Spice. At this Pike Place favorite, you’ll even find candles, mugs and other great additions for any occasion. Stop in before heading home to add a little spice to your night, you never know where it’ll lead you!

Market Spice sign in Seattle

Three Girls Bakery 

What would dinner be without the anticipation of dessert? Three Girls Bakery is not only the first business in Seattle licensed to women, but it’s also the oldest continuously operating business in Pike Place Market. Since 1912, Three Girls Bakery has been the perfect spot to stop in for breads, cakes and all of your favorite baked goodies. Quality has remained, holding up the reputation of Three Girls Bakery for over 100 years. From the classic and delectable cheese Danish, to specialty cookies and other goodies, there’s a lot to take in and enjoy.  This historic location is the perfect stop for anyone looking for a little sugar tonight.

Pike Place Public Market sign

Market Magic Shop 

Since 1973, owners Shelia Lyon and Darryl Beckmann have been adding a little magic to Pike Place Market with the Market Magic Shop. While the shop may not sell anything you could eat for dinner, it does sell the entertainment. What is dinner without the entertainment to accompany it? Market Magic Shop is an eclectic and jovial store to enter, featuring photos of yesterday’s famous magicians and plenty of other amusements to look at. One will easily find something to entertain  among the wide selection of cards, videos, novelties and more. Add a little magic to your night with the help of the Market Magic Shop

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