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Although much of life has been changing over the past few months, one thing stays consistent — support for local restaurants. While some businesses have chosen to close during this time, Ellensburg Pasta Company (EPC), a local staple of Kittitas County, has kept their doors open with modifications to the usual dining room experience. 

From college students just stopping in for a visit, to Ellensburg residents looking for a high-quality meal, EPC has it all. According to owner and local resident, Joann Harris, “The majority of our customers are those who appreciate high-quality service and food.”

She added, “They are people who like to dine out frequently, they like consistency and they like knowing that we will go above and beyond to meet their needs and expectations.”


Catering to the Community

Anyone who has visited before will tell you that the EPC employees do just that. One way Harris explained that they have adapted their restaurant to meet the unique needs of their wide customer range is through their menu items.

“We offer a wide variety of food options: vegetarian, vegan, non-dairy, soy-free, gluten free, seafood, steaks, burgers, salads, pasta, homemade soups and sandwiches.” she said. “It is our goal to provide options for all people and to provide a dining experience that makes customers want to return very soon.”


With an Italian focus, there are many appetizing options to choose from; it can be difficult to pick just one. 

One area of the menu that is particularly popular is “any of our pasta entrée’s that include our Alfredo Sauce [such as] Seafood Fettuccine, Traditional Fettuccini Alfredo and Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo,” said Harris. “I like to refer to these dishes as ‘modern day comfort foods’.” 

In addition, the pictured dish is one of the Ellensburg Pasta Company staples — the Ellensburg Pasta Fettuccini. This dish is made from a combination of dill, their signature alfredo sauce, green onions, spinach and a dash of garlic. 


Making the Menu

These scrumptious dishes are “a blend of old and new,” according to Harris. She added that the restaurant was originally owned by family friends Toby and Jamie Williams, whom her husband and Co-Owner Bruce Harris helped in conceiving of the original menu.

“In the beginning, Bruce and Toby collaborated to find recipes for the very first menu.  Over the past 14 years, new ideas have been generated by employees, customers and food service providers,” she said.   

Now, many of the current cooks collaborate to develop creative recipes and new weekly specials to offer variety, according to Harris. 


The Ellensburg Pasta Company Family

As mentioned, this restaurant was intended to bring a twist of fine dining into a strong community which has persisted over time. For Harris’ family specifically, this restaurant has provided for a way to keep the family close.

“Over the years our children and their spouses have all had time working in some way for the restaurant. Everyone has a strong understanding of the time and physical work it takes to maintain everyday operations,” said Harris.


“This participation has caused us to grow and learn together, to see each other’s gifts in action and to appreciate what each individual has to offer,” she added. 

But, not only is her immediate family strengthened by involvement in the business but so are many of the other employees. “Every day we look forward to working beside the people who embrace our philosophy for serving others and making hospitality a priority,” explained Harris. “We support one another to be the best they can be both at work and way from work.”


Current Changes

Although many local businesses have been forced to close or pause operations due to the pandemic, Ellensburg Pasta Company has remained open and serving customers in new ways. Upholding their mission “for outstanding food and warm, courteous, efficient service,” as noted by their website, the family has started serving takeout and delivery for customers who don’t want to part with their favorite meals. 

Whether you want a simple Caesar salad, a decadent lobster ravioli or a juicy steak gorgonzola, EPC has it all and is waiting for your next visit. With quick wait times of 10-20 minutes, you can easily pick up dinner if you are passing through Ellensburg or deliver if you want to avoid leaving the comfort of your house. 

So, what are you waiting for? Continue to show your support for local businesses and families such as Ellensburg Pasta Company by ordering your favorite meal today!

Madeline Wilson

Madeline Wilson is a native Californian who relocated to Central Washington three years ago to attend CWU. She enjoys spending her weekends (and any piece of free time) away from the hustle of school by regularly visiting new parts of Washington state with her friends. Trying as many hole-in-the-wall coffee shops as possible — even without a liking for coffee — is always on her checklist. If all goes according to plan, she will graduate within the next year and continue her passion for writing about the wonderful people and places across Washington.

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