Best Bagels in Spokane

Best Bagels In Spokane

Bagels: More than just fat pieces of bread, the right bagel can take you back to your childhood, brunch moments with friends, places you’ve traveled — or just heartily fill…

trees and river landscape

Take a Daytrip to Nine Mile Falls

Only 9 miles northwest of downtown Spokane, lucky visitors will stumble upon the cozy community of Nine Mile Falls. There are plenty of worthwhile experiences, breathtaking views and culinary treats…

Kitty Cantina Seating area Spokane

Visiting Kitty Cantina: Spokane’s First Cat Café

Kitty Cantina is Spokane’s first and only cat café. Its long-awaited opening took place on June 8th, 2020, having been delayed a few months due to the Covid-19 statewide shutdown….

Exploring Washington State Podcast Episode 14

Let’s talk Ceramics with Brooke Martinez of 2232° Ceramics in Spokane!

Brooke Martinez of 2232 Ceramics in Spokane shares stories about her ceramics business and other interesting topics in this episode of our Exploring Washington State Podcast.

Spending A Day At Mount Spokane

Regardless of season, Mount Spokane State Park is a remarkable resource for outdoor adventure in the state of Washington. It is the tallest peak in the densely forested Selkirk Mountain…

Roast House Coffee Explore Washington State

Announcing the Official Explore Washington State Coffee

We’re spilling the beans—the official Explore Washington State coffee is here! Great coffee always comes to mind when you think of Washington, whether you’re starting off your work day with…

Exploring Washington State Podcast Episode 5

Conversation with Aaron Jordan Head of Operations of Roast House Coffee in Spokane

In this episode we have a conversation with Aaron Jordan of Roast House Coffee in Spokane. 

Dining in Igloos in Spokane

It’s Friday, and you and your friends are looking for something fun to do in Spokane. You run through the list of usual bars, nightclubs and restaurants, but nothing piques…

Visiting Roast House Coffee in Spokane

It’s impossible to talk about Spokane’s thriving coffee scene without mentioning one of the best local roasters in town, Roast House Coffee. When owner Deborah Di Bernardo started the company,…

Nine Must-Visit Bakeries in Spokane

For those of us with a sweet tooth in Spokane, or for those visiting, there are a variety of candy stores, ice cream shops and coffee shops ready to serve…


Visiting Spokane’s South Perry Neighborhood

If you head south from Spokane’s downtown, you’ll come across the vibrant South Perry neighborhood. Here you’ll find a wellness bar, a brewery, thrift shops, a bakery, a coffee shop,…


Visiting Gonzaga University in Spokane

Nestled along the banks of the Spokane river, just to the east of downtown Spokane, lies the historic liberal arts college of Gonzaga University. Well known for its Men’s Basketball…