A Weekend Getaway to The Cedar River Cabin

The Cedar River Cabin is located in Maple Valley, Washington, and is only a forty-five-minute drive from Seattle! Our drive was extra dreamy and beautiful since the fall colors around Maple Valley were in full swing! The quick drive made it so convenient to be able to get there quickly and enjoy our stay in nature! We felt very secluded at the Cedar River Cabin, and it was the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the workweek. Such a quiet and serene place. And it’s also dog friendly, so we were able to enjoy our time at the cabin with our furry friend!

cedar river cabin porch
welcome to Cedar River Cabin
fox and pines dog

About the Cabin

This off-grid tiny cabin is nestled in a quiet wooded area, and in order to get to it you have to enter through a locked gate (making it even more private)! There is direct access to the Cedar River Trail from the cabin, making it extra easy to get out and explore! The perfect trail for biking, hiking, and horseback riding! You are also allowed to fish on the river once you reach an accessible area to get to it!

There is a large outdoor fire pit with wood stump stools surrounding it, a covered picnic table area for outdoor dining (or playing card games), and a grill! The perfect space for entertaining and outdoor dining. We opted for the large fire pit to cook all of our camp meals, because “when in Rome!” 

Cedar River Cabin fire pit
Cedar River Cabin interior

The interior of the cabin is simple and efficient. There are two cozy queen beds and one twin bed that can sleep up to six people inside the cabin. And there is plenty of space on the property for friends or other guests to pitch a tent and camp out! The Cedar River Cabin is the perfect place to disconnect from your phone and reconnect with your loved ones. There is also the most adorable reading nook to cozy up and read your favorite book. 

Pro Tip: In the colder months, make sure to bring extra blankets and one-pound propane tanks to heat the cabin and stay nice and toasty! Also making warm drinks like hot cocoa and mulled wine helped us stay cozy!

Our Stay

We spent all of our time enjoying the beautiful cabin and really soaking in the off-grid camping and cabin experience. We brought a small Bluetooth speaker, let the tunes play, and hung out at this magical cabin stay. We brought a bunch of fun things to make over the campfire like mulled wine, spiked hot cocoas with bourbon, and even made our dinner over the campfire!  And capped off our night with the perfect camping dessert – s’mores!

hot cocoa at cedar river cabin
mulled wine at Cedar River Cabin
roast house coffee steeping bags

We woke up the next morning to a sunny, blue sky day! We made coffee with the Roast House steeping coffee bags (so cool, it’s like a tea bag…but for coffee)! We brought everything we needed to make pancakes over the campfire, but the pan we ended up bringing did not stand up to the heat of the campfire. Oops! Good thing I brought bagels for backup! So we roasted the bagels over the campfire and enjoyed our breakfast in the sunshine. 

Pro Tip: bring a more durable pan like a Lodge cast iron skillet. 

cooking over fire
seeking kombucha bottle
dog by fire

We truly felt so relaxed and secluded at this beautiful cabin, and felt so refreshed and rejuvenated after our stay. Being such a close drive from Seattle, it is truly the perfect getaway from the city. We had so much fun, and it was so great to disconnect from our daily lives and enjoy nature here. We cannot wait to come back and stay here again! Thanks so much to The Cedar River Cabin and Explore Washington State! 

maple leaf at Cedar River Cabin

Nearby, check out Lake Wilderness Park in Maple Valley for miles of dog-friendly trails.

Lauren Davis

Lauren moved from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest two years ago, and ever since has been captivated by its beauty and wonder. Every weekend, herself, her partner, and their fox dog Kota explore the incredible trails and landscapes that the PNW has to offer. Inspired by travel and photography, they now have created a website and blog to share their adventures and travels with the world! Follow more of their adventures on instagram @foxandpines and their website Fox and Pines

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