The Grant County Sand Dunes and ORV Park

Four miles outside of Moses Lake, you can find The Grant County Sand Dunes and ORV Park. Here you can ride on the sand dunes which are open year round. Or visitors can enjoy the mud flats – an additional 3,000 acres of sand, mud and trails. These are only open from the first of July to the first of October.

So, come on out with your motorbike, quad or whatever off road vehicle you own. While not required, a paddle tire is highly suggested to keep out deep sand on your motorcycle or ATV.

Motorcycle jumping at Grant County Sand Dunes and ORV Park

After a long, hard day of riding around in the sand- visitors can enjoy the direct access to THE Moses Lake. Here you can swim, boat, or just wade in to cool down.

With some small jumps, but also a few large jumps, everyone from novices to experts can enjoy something here. But take care – there are no shaded areas, and no bathrooms. Make sure to bring enough water, food, sunscreen and maybe even a sun umbrella – better safe than sorry!

Grant County Sand Dunes and ORV Park Quad rider and motorcycle

If you want to make this a longer trip than just one day, camping is allowed anywhere, with small fires (no wood pallets though!) Alcohol, fireworks, and firearms are all prohibited here though – so make sure to leave them at home!

Permitted vehicles include:

Grant County Sand Dunes and ORV Park has a list of permitted vehicle types:  Motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, SXS, 4×4/Jeeps (registered), Dune Buggy/ Sand Rail 4×4 (unregistered), and two cycle engines. And YES – helmets are required. Keep in mind there is strict law enforcement here with dedicated rangers, and officers driving around in their jeeps, or ATVs.

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