Kayaking Rentals and Tours in Washington

So, you want to go kayaking but you don’t want to have to invest in all the gear? No problem! There are places to rent kayaks and other gear all over Washington state, giving you access to many places to paddle. With so many experiences and landscapes to explore, seeing Washington state from the water is a great place to start!

Western Washington Kayak Rentals and Tours

Make it a Morning – Tugboat Annies

Tugboat Annies has a special unlike any other: breakfast for two along with the rentals of two single kayaks for two hours. How much? Just $50! Tugboat Annies is located on West Bay Marina in Olympia, and offers a large menu of food capable of appeasing even the pickiest of eaters. With options like seafood from the marina to classics like burgers, sandwiches and mac and cheese. 

This option is available from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (all boats must be returned by 6pm), you can easily make a fun and interactive day out on the marina. Gaze at the incredible views at breakfast or lunch and then find yourself among them as you paddle the marina. 

Island Exploration – San Juan Islands

No matter how you spend your time on the San Juan Islands — whether that is just on one island or several — there are so many tours to choose from. Each tour has various lengths, price points and views to explore. Outdoor Odysseys is a tour company among the San Juan Islands with an incredible selection of tours. They have half-day, full-day, and multi-day tours giving you many options to choose from. 

Many tours include camping as well as kayaking, but there are shorter kayaking-only tours available as well. Some of the spots available to explore are Haro Straight, Griffin Bay, Stuart Island, the San Juan Channel, and the InterIslands.


But the options don’t stop there. Each tour has different additions that may be perfect for you and your party. For example, yoga and kayaking tours, beer tasting and kayaking tours, wine tasting and kayaking tours, all women groups, and even a bioluminescence kayaking experience. 

Each Island will provide something new to explore from the water, and there are so many touring companies and packages to choose from. Some similar companies to look into and compare prices for the experience you want: Discovery Sea Kayaks, San Juan Kayak Expeditions, and San Juan Island Outfitters

alki kayak tours

Beach Day – Alki Beach

Everyone loves a classic beach day. The sun on your skin, the sand between your toes, the peak-a-boos of seals and the anticipation of a whale sighting. Alki Kayak Tours offers many rental and tour options so that you can find something to cater to your perfect beach day. 

You have the choice to explore on your own or tour with a small group. Options range from regular rentals to a variety of tours, with prices ranging from $65 to $289. Each tour has its own location, length, and attractions. Explore the Alki lighthouse, experience the West Seattle skyline from the water at sunset, paddle alongside orcas, kayak under a full moon, and even spend a night on the beautiful Blake Island. Alki Kayak Tours has everything you need to craft your perfect kayaking trip. 

Escape from the City – Lake Washington

Lake Washington is an enormous lake right in between two of the biggest cities western Washington has to offer: Bellevue and Seattle. There are so many access points to choose from, many providing you with new places to rent with a variety of gear and prices. 

Waterfront Adventures offers both single and double kayak rentals along with many other rental options. Some of these options include a variety of boats, paddle boards and jet skis. The single kayak goes for an hourly price of $24, or you can have it for the day for just $129. A double kayak is an hourly price of $39 and $199 for the entire day. 

Northwest Paddle Surfers offers rentals at two different locations on the lake, both with very similar rates. They have a location at the Kirkland Marina Park as well as the Hyatt Regency Lake Washington at Seattle’s Southport, Renton. Each location has single and double kayaks to rent. A single kayak rents for about $25 an hour and $40 for two hours. A two-person kayak rents for $40 an hour and $70 for two hours. 

waterfront adventures dock

There is also WhatsSup Stand-Up Paddle Board and Surf that has rental options and kayaking lessons as well for anyone that is looking to give kayaking a try. They offer both sit-on top and sit-in kayaks, each with their own price points.

  • Sit-on top single kayak: $20 an hour
  • Sit-in single kayak: $26 an hour
  • Sit-on top double kayak: $24 an hour
  • Sit-in double kayak: $30 an hour

They also rent hydrobikes, paddle boards and canoes. Check out their website for more information and prices. 

gig harbor kayaks

Exploring the Harbor – Gig Harbor

Gig Harbor has a lot more than just beautiful homes. It is full of rich history, beautiful sights, and even a lighthouse to explore. Gig Harbor Kayaks and Boat Rentals offers gear rentals that provide everything you need for self-guided kayaking tours. With prices you cannot beat and incredible sights to see, kayaking Gig Harbor is worth looking into.

  • Single Kayak and Paddle Boards: $10 an hour
  • Tandem Kayak: $20 an hour

But they don’t stop there. Learn the history and take in the sights by taking their scenic guided tours with friends or family. These two-hour guided tours start at just $295 and can hold up to eight passengers. They also offer boat rentals at a variety of prices if you are looking to explore on your own.

Eastern Washington Kayak Rentals and Tours

Float on the Reflection of the Mountains – Lake Wenatchee

Lake Wenatchee has several places you can rent kayaks and other gear — you may just have to look a little harder than you’re used to. There are no shops nearby that are simply for renting, however, the state park and nearby attractions do offer rentals.

Lake Wenatchee State Park offers single, double and kid kayaks as well as paddle boards to rent. The rental prices are hard to beat and can range from just an hour or two to half or full days of renting. You can launch right from the state park and paddle along the incredible views and shorelines of Lake Wenatchee. 

sup board rentals

More Than Just Kayaks, More Than a Day-Trip – Moses Lake

Moses Lake is a fast-growing town in Eastern Washington known for the lake that surrounds the city. With shorelines of beautiful homes, calm waters, and warm dry weather, Moses Lake may be the perfect weekend getaway.

There are several places in town where you can rent almost anything for water sports. SUP Board Rentals has single kayaks, tandem kayaks and stand-up paddle boards to rent. They offer delivery, tours, lessons, or just standard rentals to guests. Although they do not have a website, you can check out their Facebook for more pricing details, contact information and location. 

Smooth Paddling, Rowdy Rafting or Relaxing Fly Fishing – Yakima River

The Yakima River stretches over 200 miles long, winding its way through many towns, each offering unique sights and rental options for kayaking. 

Rill Adventures is located in the small town of Thorp, Washington and offers so many options and routes to float the Yakima River. You can just rent the gear and float yourself, or rent the gear and get guided through either the upper or lower parts of the river. Those guided trips last about 2-3 hours, making it well worth the money. 

They also offer rafting, fly fishing, and plenty of other guided trips on nearby rivers like Cle Elum River and Spokane River. You can even upgrade your trip to add a picnic lunch break in between paddling!


Seaductive Kayak Rentals (located in Pasco) are unique because they charge a flat rate for the entire day. They make a good choice to rent from if you plan to really make a day out of the adventure instead of spending just a few hours. They have kayaks of all lengths, each giving unique features and specific weight limits. 

Choose from single kayaks, tandem kayaks and paddle boards. 

KayakBateman.com (located in Kennewick) is another great choice if you find yourself starting in the Tri-Cities area. They have so many options to choose from, easily making everyone in the family happy. They offer single sit-in kayaks, single sit-on top kayaks, tandem kayaks, three-person kayaks, pedal boats, paddle boards, canoes and even a pontoon boat to rent. 

lakerider sports

Clear Waters and Clear Skies – Lake Chelan

Lake Chelan is a hot spot to stay in Washington during the warm months of summer. The cool, clear waters attract tourists every year in hopes of hitting the reset button. Take your lake weekend up a notch by renting a kayak to explore beyond the swimming areas and shorelines. 

Lake Rider Sports Chelan offers single kayaks, double kayaks, paddle boards and more. Their prices vary by the amount of time you plan to rent, so check out their website to look at prices.

Teleport to Germany – Leavenworth

Leavenworth finds most of its visitors in the winter when it is covered in snow and twinkling Christmas lights. However, Leavenworth is also an outdoor paradise during the summer.

With tourism down, there is so much more time to explore the town without crowds and explore the beautiful mountains and waters that surround the town. Leavenworth Outdoor Center has so many options to rent, making your options for adventure endless. With kayaks, paddle boards, e-bikes, rafts and tubes to choose from, you are sure to have an incredible weekend.

Leavenworth Outdoor Center

Featured photo: Alki Kayak Tours (Facebook)

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