Installed in 1974, this goat statue does indeed eat your garbage- making it a useful and quirky attraction. Originally introduced to Spokane as an art installment for the World’s Fair whose theme was “ecology”, this metal goat can be found in Riverside Park.

How does it work you ask? Well inside of the statue is a small vacuum that just sucks in whatever you offer it once you’ve pressed the button. A word of warning though, it only accepts paper trash & litter. Anything like cups, cans & bottles will force it to shut off. Also, cigar or cigarette butts should also be saved for a different trash can- we don’t want the inside of our little goat friend to be set-a-flame!

A bit of background

The creator of this beloved statue is Sister Paula Turnbull. She has, as far as our research can tell us, been creating sculptures since at least the 1950’s. A supporter of the arts, music and creativity, her art and work can be found all around Spokane. Ranging from religious relics, school mascots, and even a copper vine entrance- her work is diverse. The founders of this 1974 project was the Spokane Women’s Council of Realtors, and was considered “a children’s favorite during the fair.”

So, the next time you’re in Spokane, make sure to head to the Riverside Park, east of the Carrousel. Or, head to City Hall and pick up a Spokane Sculpture Walk brochure and find out more about the various art installations around town.