Spokane Coffee Shops Our Top Ten List

In recent years, Spokane has seen a serious uptick in the number of high-quality coffee shops in our area. Local coffee roasters and the coffee shops that feature them are rallying across the city. This leaves Spokanites and visitors alike a wide range of quality shops to choose from when seeking out quality caffeine. Narrowing it down to only 10 places was a difficult task indeed, but after some serious consideration given to quality, inventiveness, design, ambience and business ethics, here are the top ten coffee shops in Spokane.


#10. Arctos Coffee Roasters

Arctos Coffee Roasters opened their location in east Spokane in early 2018. Named after the scientific name for Grizzly, Ursus Arctos, owner Jason Everman was inspired by his own personal encounter with a Grizzly bear in the wild. He hopes that his coffee will be as memorable and impactful as his encounter. Everman also happens to be the chief roaster for Arctos, and his own coffee journey arises from humble beginnings. In 2015 Everman created a roasting set up dubbed the ‘Roasting Shed’, which was sweltering in summer and freezing in the winter. Nonetheless, he perfected his craft over the years in order to deliver top notch small batch coffee.


A unique aspect to Arctos is that they offer only 3 coffee blend options in the roastery. These include their Espresso Blend, made with Central American, Brazilian and African coffee beans, their White Bear Coffee & their Decaf Espresso Blend. This is unusual in a coffee culture where each week there seems to be a new featured coffee on the menu of the latest coffee house. The reason for specialized small batches is so that each roast blend offered is as close to perfect as Arctos can provide. It’s a standout concept that has proven to be quite popular.

Their newly renovated, 1,400 sq. ft space on Hamilton Ave features plentiful seating area, a large coffee bar, plus a separate room containing a Diedrich IR-5 roaster for batches of up to 11 lbs. Warmer red tones in the wood grain and furniture give off a cozy ambience. It’s a space where university students can study, friends can catch up and solo sippers can relax and feel welcome. They offer standard espresso drink options, along with pour overs, teas & Common Crumb Bakery baked goods.

Arctos Coffee Roasters

(509) 413-2362
1923 N Hamilton St, Spokane, WA 99207



#9. Atticus Coffee & Gifts

In the heart of downtown Spokane, just across the road from Riverfront Park, lies the eclectic Atticus Coffee & Gifts. A Spokane staple since 2009, Atticus pulls off an understated cool vibe in both their coffee and gift shop. A brick arch adorns the front of the shop, along with some intriguing signage. Inside, a black framed fireplace matches the darkwood tables and black counters, all highlighted by beautiful brickwork walls. It’s a somber, peaceful place to get some serious writing, espresso drinking or pondering done.  They serve local roasters like 4 seasons and Acme, offering standard espresso bar drinks, pour over coffees, cold brew and tea options. Chaps Coffee Co & Bakery has some of the best pastries that Spokane has to offer, and they can be purchased here as well.

After properly caffeinating, wander through their range of unique and beguiling gifts. Pick up a Maneki-neko coffee mug, a guide to outwitting squirrels, a poster with various succulent specimens or a travel mug that encourages you to ‘Transcend the BS’. You’ll find plenty of great gift options for friends and foes alike. Plus, you’ll likely find a gift or two for yourself in the process.

Atticus Coffee & Gifts

(509) 747-0336
222 N Howard St, Spokane, WA 99201


#8. Pathfinder Cafe

Pathfinder Cafe opened their spacious cafe in 2018, right inside of the popular Wheel Sport Bicycles on Spokane’s South Hill. Walking into Pathfinder is like finding a ray of sunshine on a grey day. Multi-colored distressed wood panels line the coffee bar, a yellow tile backsplash highlights the counter and bike handles serve as a coat rack. It’s hard to spend anytime in Pathfinder without feeling cheerful.

Pathfinder’s radiant owner, Sarah Neupert, can often be found behind the counter serving up some of the best coffee that the inland northwest has to offer. A strong supporter of local businesses, they features Doma Coffee Roasters and the Roast House, both of whom are impressive and legendary roasters in the area. The cafe offers pour over coffee options, espresso bar fare and some unique latte specials as well. Their ‘Lucky Me’ Green Superfood Latte will nourish you with spirulina and coconut butter while providing ample caffeine.

Pathfinder cafe focuses on providing healthy food options, with the intention of properly fueling customers for whatever their day holds. Their beautiful Acai bowl is lined with fresh fruit, then topped with a heaping spoonful of bee pollen. It is certainly a customer favorite. All of their toast options are made with local Life Made Glorious bread, who are stellar at their craft. A wide range of smoothie options are available, as well as several egg dishes. So stop in to fuel up properly before getting in a bike ride, strolling through the nearby Manito Park or just dealing with the ins and outs of daily life.

Pathfinder Cafe

(509) 343-1220
3026 S Grand Blvd, Spokane, WA 99203


#7. Cedar Coffee

Cedar Coffee is located across the river from downtown Spokane, and is part of Spokane’s West Central neighborhood. It inhabits a unique historic building, which was built in 1895 and boasts a spacious 1,200 sq ft. Cedar opened its doors in 2017, after taking over the former Coeur Coffeehouse and making renovations. The owners of Cedar, Igor and Iryna Anisimov, were regulars of Coeur Coffeehouse, and were saddened by it’s closure. This inspired them to take over the space and continue the coffeehouse with a few minor changes. Dark wood, stone accents and tan walls evoke a modern yet casual coffeehouse appearance. The overall vibe is very calm and peaceful, it’s the perfect location to get caught up in a good book. Their name, Cedar, is meant to signify resilience and longevity with deep roots.

They feature Roast House coffee exclusively, and Roast House’s most popular blend, Cafe de Americas, is always available on the espresso bar. House-made syrups are infused into their lattes to offer unique flavor profiles like their lavender honey latte. Locally crafted chai and spiced hibiscus teas seems to be a crowd favorite. Common Crumb bakery provides a range of tasty baked goods to choose from. So grab a good book and head down to Cedar Coffee for a peaceful and contemplative caffeination experience.

Cedar Coffee

(509) 315-9321
701 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA 99201


#6. Paper & Cup

Nestled comfortably inside the Inlander building, right in the heart of Kendall Yards, sits the cutest coffee shop in Spokane. With Millennial Pink walls, hanging flower vases, a wall of cheerful coffee mugs and piles of pastries, it is the most instagrammable cafe around. They opened in 2017 and have been seriously popular ever since. Featuring huge windows and bar seating, every seat in the cafe has a great view of downtown or Kendall Yards. They are a smaller cafe, and as such they have limited seating, the bulk of their business being to go orders. Located proximal to the Centennial Trail, Paper & Cup is an ideal spot to fuel up before taking a scenic walk along the Spokane River or strolling through Kendall Yards.

Paper & Cup offers delicious cappuccinos, lattes and straight up espresso, featuring Ladder Coffee Roasters. Their house-made syrups are blended into their latte specials, like lavender & brown sugar. The owners of Paper & Cup also happen to own the best bakery in the region, Chaps Coffee Co, therefore the pastries at Paper & Cup are downright incredible.  Their Maple Scones are legendary, and their orange Pain aux Suisse is not to be missed.


Paper & Cup

(509) 624-4182
1227 W Summit Pkwy, Spokane, WA 99201


#5. Revel 77

Revel 77 sits high atop Spokane’s South Hill and features some of the best local coffee roasters in both the inland northwest and the pacific northwest alike. They are a wonderful place to discover new coffee roasters, as they meticulously source and select the roasters they bring into the shop. Doma Coffee Roasters tends to make a regular appearance at Revel 77, they are legends in the northwest coffee community. Other featured roasters have included 49th Parallel Roasters out of Vancouver, Olympia Coffee Roasters from Olympia and Drum Coffee out of Missoula. You never know what you might discover when you visit Revel 77, but it’s guaranteed to be high quality and sourced from the greater area.

The shop design is modern, industrial and bold, with a giant Revel sign hanging from the ceiling as you walk in. With multiple large windows, the space is filled with light and very inviting. Polished natural wood is woven throughout the shop from the table tops to the rear walls, lending a warmer quality to the space.  With a strong local following, Revel is always buzzing with friendly folks drinking coffee and socializing. Despite their popularity, it’s usually easy enough to snag a seat and get comfortable.

With an abundance of pour over and espresso options, there’s something that will appeal to every coffee consumer. For something less traditional, they feature signature drinks like a Black Walnut latte, a 24k Gold Milk latte & a London Fog Tea latte. During warm weather, they offer a refreshing cold brew lemonade option. Pastries are available from the local Boots Bakery as well. So, swing by the top of South Hill for some top of the line coffee, teas and baked goods.

Revel 77

(509) 280-0518
3223 E 57th Ave K, Spokane, WA 99223




#4. Ladder Coffee Roasters

What began as a drive thru coffee stand on Spokane’s northside has rapidly become one of the most popular coffee shops in Spokane. Located in Browne’s Addition, west of downtown, Ladder Coffee Roasters occupies the first floor of a spacious historic building. The owner, Aaron Rivkin, wanted to create a space that felt like home to everyone who walked through its doors. Performing a total renovation, the decor features a white honeycomb tile, vibrant yellow walls and cheerful natural wood flooring. From high countertops with stools to low profile, mid-century modern chairs, there are plenty of places to get cozy in Ladder. During warmer weather, their patio offers additional seating with views of the Maple St bridge.

Ladder performs their roasting in-house and focuses on single-origin coffees predominantly from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Peru. In addition to focusing on top quality coffee, Ladder has some rather inventive signature drinks. Their Tim Tam Slam involves drinking coffee through a Tim Tam (don’t worry, they’ll walk you through it) and uses sweet malt in the latte itself. Their toast menu includes Nutella with honey chipotle peanut butter and sriracha avocado. Life Made Glorious provides fresh and delicious bread for their toasts, and they happen to have a shop just across the hall. For pastries, Ladder features Chaps Bakery’s bear claw and almond croissant, and you can’t go wrong with either one.


Ladder Coffee Roasters

(602) 689-8545
516 W Riverside Ave, Spokane, WA 99201


#3. Vessel Coffee Roasters

Vessel Coffee Roasters opened in 2016 and have been part of the revitalization of the historic Emerson-Garfield area. Spokane City has taken steps to make the area more pedestrian friendly and in recent years it’s seen the emergence of some great restaurants, vintage shops and, of course, Vessel Coffee Roasters.


After renovating a 2,600 sq ft building, a former auto shop, owners Sean Tobin and Ike Bubna set about to create a minimalist, industrial and inviting coffee shop. The flagship store is spacious, with plenty of seating options. Light filters in through huge window panels and numerous indoor plants give the space a livelier and more organic feel. They feature a 5-kilogram Proaster on the coffee shop floor, and regularly offer live roasting demos.

Reflecting the coffee shops aesthetic, their coffee roasts trend from medium to light with the focus on the quality of the coffee bean. Too dark a roast and you lose some of the subtleties of high-quality coffee. They offer some unique house made syrups, like a vanilla fig syrup that is simply divine in their special ‘Figgy Pudding’ latte. Both drip and pour over coffee options are available, along with iced coffee, espresso bar options, teas and Chai. Additionally, baked goods from Boots Bakery are available for the perfect pairing with your coffee.

Vessel Coffee Roasters

[email protected]
2823 N Monroe St, Spokane, WA 99205




#2. Indaba Coffee Roasters

Indaba opened their Riverside location in 2018, right in the heart of downtown Spokane. It is their largest location by far, boasting an open floor layout with over 4,000 sq ft of space. The building itself was built in the late 1800s, and Indaba brings that space into the 21st century with its modern design. The decor is eclectic and bohemian, with indoor plants, coffee tables filled with books about coffee, and tiles that spell out a greeting as you walk in. Multiple stories offer plenty of seating options and a decent view to boot. Within walking distance to Riverfront park and all that downtown has to offer, Indaba lives up to its name and provides a wonderful meeting place to have good conversation and great coffee.

Known for their signature roasts, single origin offerings and swiss water decaf, Indaba is a staple in Spokane’s coffee community. They set themselves apart with unique latte options like house-made butterscotch, orange maple or ginger cardamom. With drink choices like pour over coffee, craft sodas, cold brew, tea and even wine and beer, there’s something to suit any palette.  Their artisan toasts push the limits of what toast normally encompasses, like their mushroom pate with feta, roma tomatos and radish green pesto or their ricotta, honey & green peach option. So, stop in for anything from a pour over black coffee to a signature latte and toast pairing, there’s plenty of space for everyone at Indaba Coffee Roasters.

Indaba Coffee Roasters

(509) 822-7182
518 W Riverside Ave Spokane, WA 99201


#1. 1st Avenue Coffee

Coming in at number one is the appropriately named 1st Avenue Coffee. Elegant, modern and sleek, the 3,000 square foot space occupies a 100-year-old building in west downtown. With 20 ft ceilings and tall front windows, the coffee shop is spacious, light and minimal in design. A 40 ft coffee bar sits in the middle of the floor, providing a gathering space and an ease of interaction with their friendly staff and customers.

A high-tech Modbar espresso and pour over system guarantees quality, while simultaneously freeing up the baristas to interact with customers with ease. To the rear of the space is a class room set up featuring a Diedrich small batch roaster for coffee roasting presentations and cuppings. First Ave offers free weekly classes focused on roasting and cupping, generally on weekend mornings. Plenty of seating options are available throughout the shop, from the front seating area filled with natural light, to the 400 sq ft loft seating area, perfect for taking in the hustle and bustle of the coffee shop.

1st Avenue coffee has a commitment to the roasting process, and as such they are able to serve a wide range of high-quality varietals and blends. They offer up pour over coffees, espresso bar drinks, nitro Chai, signature lattes, cold brew and more. Something that sets 1st Avenue apart are their craft coffee cocktail offerings. Their Nitro Fashioned features coffee concentrate, orange bitters, simple syrup & cherry while their Cold Brew Sour infuses citrus & chamomile into their cold brew concentrate. In addition to coffee drinks they have a variety of vegan & gluten free treats to tempt you with. Word on the street is they have a happy hour on weekdays from 1-3p where you can get 50% off pastries or coffee. So, stop by, join in on a class, and experience some of the best quality coffee available in the region.

1st Avenue Coffee

(509) 201-7091
1011 W 1st Ave, Spokane, WA 99201



Are you into coffee? Scott Cowan our founder has been visiting 100 coffee shops across Washington State. Check out his posts on coffee shops.  Find good coffee anywhere you go in Washington!!

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