Saddle Rock – Sweeping Panoramic Views Of Wenatchee!

A city landmark, Saddle Rock is an easily accessible hike about a ten minute drive from downtown. Ranging from two to three-and-a-half miles roundtrip, this Wenatchee trail is something for children and adults alike.

Trail running (level 2), hiking (level 2) and mountain biking (level 3) are all possibilities here on the mountain side. In the winter months, snowshoeing can also be possible for the experienced, making this a year-round Washington hike.

Trail Uses and Pet Restrictions

Your four-legged furry friend is also welcomed on this leisurely but steep hike. Together you can peak up to 2,000 feet with 920 feet gain in elevation. If you forgot your doggie bags, not to worry, before beginning your trek there is a post where you can grab a few to take with you. Horseback riders are also welcome on this trail.

Wild flower enthusiasts and bird watchers will both be entertained on these paths, so make sure to bring your binoculars!

Teachers will also be pleased to know that the new Saddle Rock Gateway Trailhead now has enough space for busses to drop students off, a bathroom, and an outdoor ampitheatre classroom at their disposal. The new Gateway trailhead also includes over eighty parking slots.

This ever-growing popular Saddle Rock trail now has an estimated ten-thousand a year visitor mark according to the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services director, David Erickson. Keeping things convenient and easy, the city has boards before the start, giving visitors a quick history lesson in the trails in both English and Spanish.

At the very top of Saddle Rock you will be rewarded with sweeping panoramic views of everything from the Columbia River, Wenatchee itself, the North Cascades and the Rocky Reach Dam.

Saddle Rock Trailhead Options

There are multiple trailheads for Saddle Rock, here they are.

  • The Main (South) Trail. It is just over one mile roundtrip with a 950-elevation gain. To get there: park in the Circle Street area and simply follow old jeep road all the way to the top.
  • The East Trail. This one is closer to two miles roundtrip, with a 1,228- elevation gain. This route takes you below the face of Saddle Rock before you summit from the North Side, and can be combined with the main trail for a longer hike. To get here, begin at the Circle Street parking lot.
  • The Northern Trail. To get here, head towards the Wenatchee Racquet and Athletic Club via Skyline Drive West, turn left and there will be a sign pointing to where hikers can park. Once parked, head back to Skyline Drive West and there will be a trail sign.