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Wenatchee is the largest city in Chelan County and technically sits on the West side of the Columbia river. East Wenatchee is literally right across the river, but lies in Douglas County and is considered a separate entity. Wenatchee might be most famous for the apple orchards that are liberally scattered throughout the area. There is quite the history of hydroelectric power activity in the area as well, with multiple dams in close proximity to Wenatchee.

Wenatchee WA 2009

Fun Facts

  • Wenatchee is currently the the 33rd largest city in the State of Washington.
  • According to the latest Census data taken in 2010, Wenatchee is home to about 32,000 residents.
  • It used to known as the Buckle of the Power Belt of the Northwest. This was because of all the hydroelectric power generated in the region.
  • Wenatchee was named for an Indian tribe. The original spelling was “Wenatchi”.
  • Physical size: About 8 sq miles.

Exploring P’Squosa Land and Wenatchi History

It is an honor to be asked to write a piece about my ancestors, the P’Squosa, and my current venture, Wenatchi Wear, for Explore Washington State. For reference, the P’Squosa are also the šnp̍šqáw̍š̍x (people in the between) whom, after colonization, were given the...

Cafe Columbia at Pybus Market Wenatchee, WA Day 14 of the 100 Cups of Coffee in 100 Days Project

Welcome to Wenatchee! When we moved to Wenatchee one of the places that helped seal the deal was Pybus Market. Located in Pybus is Café Columbia which is a great café and a place to grab a bite to eat or a good cup of coffee.  Believe me, that was an important item on...

Our Love of Apples

Washington Originals Our lovely Evergreen State, Washington, produces around 2.5 million TONS of apples per year. That’s a lot of apples. And it’s a lot of orchard acreage as well, around 175,000 acres to be exact. So, while we produce 60% (if not more) of the...

Saddle Rock – Sweeping Panoramic Views Of Wenatchee!

Saddle Rock - Sweeping Panoramic Views Of Wenatchee! A city landmark, Saddle Rock is an easily accessible hike about a ten minute drive from downtown. Ranging from two to three-and-a-half miles roundtrip, this Wenatchee trail is something for children and adults...