Pullman, Washington – Hometown of the proud WSU Cougars. The lentil capital of the world (why not?). And now, the Junk Castle.

Located along Interstate 195, the Junk Castle has been attracting visitors for over 30 years. It’s constructed entirely from recycled, salvaged and scrapped materials.

The Junk Castle Artist

Now a historical landmark, this castle was originally built by Victor Moore. The castle was built for the low, low, LOW, price of $500 as a part of his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree. Although the castle is probably his best-known work, he also had a love for North West Indian culture and his work was displayed in galleries across the US. He passed away in late 2013 in California.

Windows made from old washer glass, twisted sheet metal, bedsteads and more make up the framework of this eclectic dwelling. You have to admire the dedication that went into piecing all of these abstract and ill-fitting parts together. But this wasn’t his first rendezvous with buildings made of scrapped material. Back in the 1950’s he had already begun experimenting with building sculptures and living spaces from recycled goods.


It doesn’t matter if you’re just driving through on your way to Pullman or specifically trekking to this castle of reused items – it’s worth snapping a few pictures.