We found 4 events in various parts of the state that lead up to Earth Day on April 22nd. But first, a quick refresher…

History of Earth Day

April 22nd, 1970 marked the beginning of Earth Day. A day to reflect on our own environmental impact and to take action where it’s needed. Gaylord Nelson, a former U.S. Senator from Wisconsin, came up with the idea for a national day that would focus our attention onto the topic of pollution and how we can improve our current enviromental practices.

So what sparked his interest? Witnessing a huge oil spill in Santa Barbara, CA the year before in 1969.

Earth Day in Washington

The first Earth Day was a major hit. Over 20 million Americans came out together and demonstrated for a “healthy, sustainable environment in massive coast-to-coast rallies.” These days, Earth Day celebrators tend to center their discussions on clean energy and global warming.

Earth Day Activities in Washington

So what can you do to celebrate Earth Day with your family, or by yourself? There are quite a few activities going on across the state.


  1. In Carnation, you can take part in the Earth Day Family Nature walk on the 21st of April.
  2. Vancouver residents can take part in the StreamTeam Earth Day Fest 2018, also on the 21st of April.
  3. In Everett there will be the Narbeck Wetland Sanctuary Tree Planting Ceremony on the 20th.
  4. There is also the Wild flower Hike on Badger Mountain taking place on the 21st.

As always, the State Parks will all be free on the 22nd– no Discover Pass needed either!

Earth Day in Washington

If you live outside of the mentioned cities above, make sure to head over to EventBrite, enter your city, date and “Earth Day” to find the perfect way to celebrate our beautiful earth, and especially this state we are all lucky enough to enjoy.