Top 5 Places in Seattle for a Unique Cocktail Experience

Seattle is best known for its coffee scene, but the cocktail scene has been growing for quite some time and might be nearing its peak. There are tons of very cool and interesting bars all over the city and no matter what neighborhood you’re exploring, you’re bound to step foot in an amazing establishment. I recently moved to Seattle from Southwest Florida and after only a month, I quickly discovered how deprived I had been of a genuinely handcrafted cocktail! From classics with a twist to decked out bars to match their theme, here are the top five places in Seattle where you can have a unique cocktail experience!

Inside Passage

Probably one of the hardest bars to get into right now, Inside Passage recently opened as a part of the popular rum bar, Rumba. Located near Capitol Hill, this small establishment is the ultimate themed bar! Be prepared for a two-hour wait, but once inside, you’ll be transported to a shipwrecked cove with a giant octopus hovering over you on the ceiling. They specialize in tropical cocktails from classics such as banana daiquiris to hurricanes, but their shining star is their signature Inside Passage cocktails. These range from $18-$22 and are served in unique Instagram-worthy glasses. I ordered the One-Eyed Willy, which is a tropical take on the old fashioned. Sticking to the names reference, this is served in a treasure chest which oozes with dry ice to reveal your drink in a skull mug sitting on a bed of fake, colorful treasure. It’s quite the show!

Inside Passage in Seattle, Washington
Drink at Inside Passage in Seattle, Washington

Deep Dive

After walking down the ramp, Deep Dive immediately became my new favorite place in Seattle! This classy cocktail lounge is located underneath the mesmerizing Amazon spheres and if you didn’t know it was there, you would completely miss the entrance as there’s no signage. The ambiance is secluded and sophisticated making this the perfect place for date night. Deep Dive is owned by Renee Erickson who is a well-known local chef and restaurateur that owns more than six other establishments. Their drink menu is extensive and broken out into four sections, Clean & Elegant, Bold & Complex, Rich & Sour, and Free Spirited. Each cocktail is perfectly crafted and there’s something here for everyone.

Deep Dive in Seattle, Washington
Drinks at Deep Dive in Seattle, Washington

Bangrak Market

This Thai market themed restaurant and bar is located in Belltown and serves up delicious Thai street food and even better cocktails! The décor is fun and bright, and the music is upbeat and loud. It’s a great environment for celebrating with friends! The drink menu consists of traditional cocktails made with popular ingredients found in Thailand like dragon fruit, starfruit, mango, and more. My go-to drink here is the Passionfruit Cosmopolitan which always has the perfect amount of sweetness to it.

Bangrak Market in Seattle, Washington
drinks at Bangrak Market in Seattle, Washington

Bathtub Gin

Keep your eyes peeled, or you might not be able to find this unique speakeasy in the heart of downtown Seattle. This speakeasy entrance is located in an alley, lit with one single lantern and a sign on the door. They open every day at 5 p.m. and I suggest getting there early as there’s typically a line to get in. The bar itself is small and cozy, with a lounge area on the main floor and the bar upstairs. You can find all types of gin here and some unique concoctions as well! I opted for their drink called To the Moon that has notes of sage, rhubarb, and hibiscus flower.

Bar at Bathtub Gin in Seattle, Washington
drinks at Bathtub Gin in Seattle, Washington


If sweet cocktails are your thing, then Unicorn is the place for you! This super fun bar located in Capitol Hill has been a staple in the neighborhood for a while for good reason. The bar is carnival themed and all of the drink names are whimsy and clever such as My Little Pony, The Cereal Killer, and The Ringmaster. Aside from cocktails, they offer a wide variety of shots and carnival food, and they even have drag bingo and karaoke nights! The bar is decked out and looks just like an old timey carnival carriage with bright colors and intricate designs. The walls are bright blue and white striped like a circus tent and there are fun pictures and décor everywhere. You’ll definitely feel like you’re under the big top!

Unicorn Bar in Seattle, Washington
Drinks at the Unicorn in Seattle, Washington

Tess Arnold

Tess is a travel blogger who recently relocated to Seattle from Southwest Florida. She's visited 11 countries and has a deep passion for traveling & exploring new places and hopes that she can inspire you to get out and explore the world! Her travel blog features city guides, hotel reviews, travel tips, & fun things to do both domestically and internationally. Follow along on her adventures on Instagram @traveling_tessie and read to get inspired on her blog, Traveling Tessie (!


  1. DIANE CONROY on March 3, 2022 at 7:58 am

    Hi Tess – thank you for your article.
    I recently moved from Ottawa, Canada to Seattle so just exploring my new habitat as well
    3 of these are within walking distance for me so will defiantly give them a try Any tips on finding the entrance under the spheres?
    Thanks / Diane

    • Tess on March 6, 2022 at 8:58 am

      Hi Diane – sounds like you’re in a great area! The entrance to Deep Dive is on Lenora St between 6th & 7th Ave. There’s a small ramp to a door & you’ll see paintings on the wall of the hallway inside leading down another winding ramp. There’s no big sign, but it’s the only door there. Hope you enjoy it!

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