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Passing Through SODO

“Where exactly IS SODO?” My friend asked me a few weeks ago as we were walking through Ballard, trying not to think about the sheer number of calories we had just consumed through lunch, lattes and ice cream. I took a second to process the question and the best answer...

Navigate Seattle’s Inaugural Cocktail Week Like a Pro

Everyone deserves an alcoholiday, but leave it to the Seattleites to show us how it’s done. Even after Washington banned liquor in 1913, Seattle residents couldn’t set down their glasses according to an article by the Seattle Times. Luckily, we’ve reached a time where...

Your Guide to Coffee in the U District, One Sip at a Time

This is a guest post written by Hannah Pickering. Hannah is a journalism student at the University of Washington, a feminist, writer and amateur photographer. She enjoys espresso, traveling to new locales, finding new books and asking hard questions. Luck doesn’t come...

Twin Sisters India Pale Ale- A Review

This is a guest post written by Tony Holladay. Tony Holladay is a native of California and moved to the Pacific Northwest over 10 years ago.   An avid outdoorsman, he spends time fly fishing, hunting, camping and doing photography.  Tony enjoys IPA as well as a good...

When It Rains- Kid Edition

This guest post was written by Mercedes Benedict. A toddler mom and lover of the outdoors, you can find her & her toddlers adventures at: @maxwellandbeatrix et’s be honest, most kids love rain, it’s...

Why Washington is the Best

This guest post was written by Camille- an adventurer who looks for the oddities in whatever city she's in. Always smiling, she can be found here:  YouTubeand Instagram.  Being born on Guam, I traded fine-grained sand for rocky-pebble beaches. Living on an island has...

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