Puyallup Washington


Puyallup is located in the northwest part of Pierce County and is probably best known for hosting the Washington State Fair every year. Every spring for 4 days and every fall for three weeks, Puyallup is flooded with visitors from across the state seeking thrill rides, live music and a chance for the kids to see farm animals in the livestock barns. The fall fair is one of the largest fairs in the country, bringing in well over a million people each year.

Fun Facts

  • What does Puyallup mean? Answer: “The generous people”. Named after the Native American Puyallup tribe that used to live there. Now for how to pronounce it…
  • Say it like a local now: (pew-AL-up). But see here for why even all us locals are getting it all wrong…
  • Physical size: About 14 sq miles.


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