Visiting Blackbird Pine Lavender Field

Summertime brings those long nights, hot sunny days, blue skies, and lavender! Do you enjoy the smell of lavender? Looking at the beautiful purple flowers in bloom? Then look no further and guess what, you don't need to go on a plane and go to France either to enjoy it!  It is in the beautiful local organic family-owned farm located in the heart of Green Bluff, WA near Spokane, WA.


Todd & Cathie bought this beautiful farm back in 2018. What makes their farm different from the rest is that everything they do is natural and organic, and made with a lot of love and patience.  Have you ever seen those gorgeous photos from France where you can have a picnic in between those big bushes and just enjoy yourself. Here at Blackbird Pines Lavender Field, they welcome you to come and enjoy yourself in their field and have fun.

History of Blackbird Pines Lavender

Todd & Cathie moved to the farm in 2018 from Utah, where they built their house, and the rest was history. The following year in 2019 they got their farm ready and planted everything by hand. Before they bought their house, they were searching for the perfect place every year.


Eventually they seen this beautiful driveway covered with these big trees on both sides and in the fall be the most beautiful lane to drive down. The universe brought them here, they said “they had posted a photo of their driveway every fall for years on FB before seeing it in person, Cathie had searched Pinterest for a beautiful Autumn picture and found the picture of our driveway. We had no idea we would live here one day.”


Cathie has always had a love for gardening. She loves planting herbs and flowers and had a dream that one day they would have a farm big enough to grow lavender to share with others. They wanted a place of beauty where people are welcome to come out find take a deep breath, find peace, Zen, or let go to escape all the stresses of life.

grasshopper on lavender

The farm came with a little piece of history, the peach trees. They’re nearly 50 years old and well-seasoned, so I was sad to learn that the u-pick peaches will no longer be offered or for sale.

blackbird pines lavender field pop-up

When Does Lavender Bloom In Washington?

The best time to see the field at the "peak of purpleness" is June – July and sometimes in August the first week depending on the season and weather. 

blackbird pines lavender farm bags

Visiting the Farm

Surrounded by natural beauty, beautiful purple blooming lavender, and the sound of the buzzing bees helping this beautiful field grow, there are a few things you should know before going up. 

  • Admission to the farm is free.
  • Parking is off to the side in between the trees NOT in the middle of any dirt driveway. 
  • There is a port a potty available.
  • They’re open to the public during farm hours, and by appointment only. They have an open/closed sign at the start of the driveway, and they also keep updated hours and days on social media. If you have any questions their phone number is on social media. They encourage people to call ahead if they have any questions about hours. 
  • Please be respectful of their property and respect the No Trespassing signs or go near the house. 
  • They have a farm stand that is also open during that time.

During Your Visit Be Sure To...

Stop and smell the lavender of course! 

During bloom season they offer “Cut your own bunch” of organic lavender or purchase a bouquet.  U-pick and pre-picked bouquets are available during farm hours. If you would like to cut your own, they will show you a demonstration of how to safely cut a bunch and provide the necessary tools. They offer a buy one get one free for u-pick. Throughout June and July, they open the farm for free picnics, picture taking, and welcome people to come out and enjoy the beauty of the field. They also offer assorted classes such as wreath making. 

lavender field at sunset

Lavender Blooms

Blackbird Pine Lavender is known for their wonderful organic practices. They strive to be the best and not have anything bad in their products. All their products are made on the property. Here’s a little behind the scenes of what they do. 

  • They use all organic practices, no chemicals are applied to the field, they strive to keep all their products clean and use all organic ingredients.
  • They have a 100 gallon still and hand cut and distill their lavender daily creating our high-quality lavender essential oil which is 100% pure with no additives whatsoever. Their hydrosol is a byproduct of the distillation process and is pure lavender water. 
blackbird pines lavender essential oil

Lavender Gifts

They offer products made from several varieties of culinary lavender ready to be made into delicious recipes and teas. Some Lavender gets turned into oil and made into things like a CALM roller ball “which is a customer favorite,” they also sell dry shampoo, sachets, flax bags, and confetti for weddings or events and so forth, I think the lavender confetti is such an awesome thing. It’s eco-friendly so it won’t hurt the environment or animals, how cool is that! You can find a full inventory on their website and through Facebook.

dried lavender wedding confetti

About Lavender

Did you know that lavender has a lot of benefits? For humans and dogs! Not only does it smell and taste good, but it’s also believed to have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It’s well known for its ability to calm the nervous system and helps with mood, anxiety, and depression. Lavender essential oil can help with many things, including headaches, migraines, sleep, bee stings, burns and cuts.


It has even been shown to reduce blood pressure, as the calming qualities to reduce the heart rate and stress levels. Since we all love our fur babies be sure to read more about it like if you choose to use it make sure you dilute it first and do your research!

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Where Did the Blackbird Pines Lavender Come From?

“We chose the name Blackbird Pines after the Beatles song, which we resonate with the meaning so much of finally arriving somewhere you've strived your whole life for. Also, we moved here we realized we actually have SO MANY blackbirds here, mainly ravens and crows. They are an important part of our farm.” 

lavender farm at sunset

I asked the owners how it feels knowing that they have a driveway that is famous locally and online? “It is very surreal to have such an iconic driveway and try to really see it every time we drive down it. To remember that the driveway actually brought us here, and to always have gratitude to live in such a beautiful place that people flock here in the fall for photos. Even when it's difficult to get in and out sometimes!”  This driveway if you haven’t seen it is so unreal it’s so vivid, bright, colorful and it just goes on, if you haven’t seen it and your local go check it out, they don’t mind if you see it from the beginning just don’t block the driveway and trespass far in, they don’t mind you being there just don’t take advantage of there generosity. 

lavender essential oils
lavender dry shampoo

I’ve gotten to know the owners of Blackbird Pine Lavender over the past few months Todd & Cathie are such wonderful people they have such a loving and caring heart, I think its wonderful of them to be so opening to the public and letting us enjoy the lavender as much as they do.


I’m excited to see what the future holds for them they are very excited to be growing and adding more events in the upcoming seasons, they would like to add events in the lavender field like yoga, additional classes, music, and doing a full moon market with vendors.


They are also every excited to be striving as an affordable wedding venue and Airbnb next season, so all you newly engaged couples looking for a beautiful wedding setting and would love an affordable lavender field, shoot them a message, and book your date. They are excited to have you! Stay tuned to their sites to keep up to date as they grow! 


Are you a photographer? Did you know photographers are welcome by appointment only for a fee. Please book early as the schedule fills up quickly.

Please remember that this is private property, and the great owners are being kind enough to open up days and hours for us all to enjoy this beautiful setting. This is their lively hood and how they make a living, don’t be that one person who will ruin it for everyone. Be kind, courteous, respectful and leave no trace if you do go up! 


“Thank you so much for your interest in our little farm! We appreciate you so much! Todd & Cathie”

blackbird lavender fields wide shot

Quick Facts


Facebook- @blackbirdpineslavender

Address - 18700 N Sands Rd, Colbert, WA, United States, 99005

Phone- (801) 897-0145

Directions- I-90 E and N Argonne Rd or U.S. Rte 2 E and E Day Mt Spokane Rd

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